Higdon missed the point on pipeline problem

Published 8:34 am Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the letter from Charles Higdon of the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers supporting NGL pipelines and the petrochemical industry. Mr. Higdon missed the point of this community’s objection to the Kinder Morgan (K-M) pipeline abandonment and repurposing.

Our major objections lie in the repurposing of a 70-plus-year-old pipeline from carrying natural gas, to more highly volatile NGLs, and reversing the flow, which has never been tried before. I like my electricity and understand the role pipelines play. I wish we had an administration that was committed to weaning us off of fossil fuels and investing in green, clean energy, but I am a realist and know there is currently a place for pipelines — just not this 70-year-old pipeline for this purpose.

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Mr. Higdon touts the economic benefit of NGLs and pipelines. However, Boyle County will receive no economic benefit from the repurposing of this pipeline and neither will Kentucky. The only “benefit” is an increased risk of a catastrophic accident.

Does Mr. Higdon live in Danville? Does his drinking water come from Herrington Lake? Do his children attend Hogsett Elementary or do his parents use the Senior Center? If Mr. Higdon moves to Danville and lives within the 1-mile radius of the incineration zone of pipeline #100-1, then maybe I will take his assurances more seriously. Until then, I will continue to fight this pipeline conversion and encourage everyone to join me.

Julie Pease