Two errors in column on appointed Democrats in Boyle

Published 8:33 am Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dear Editor,

While I’m sure the information at the court clerk’s office in Boyle County is complete, sometimes the interpretation of that material can be difficult. After publication of my recent editorial in The Advocate-Messenger, two errors have been brought to my attention.  

In May of 2006, Joni Terry won the Boyle County Democratic primary for Circuit Court Clerk. Joni was then appointed to the position when her predecessor retired before the general election. Although I was correct in stating that Joni was appointed to the office and therefore was elected as an incumbent, I did neglect to inform you that she had won the primary election prior to being appointed.

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After winning the Democratic primary, Richard Campbell faced no opposition in the general election for county attorney. He was never appointed to his office.

My apologies for my misinterpretation of the data.

Tom Tye

Chair, Boyle County Republican Party