Perryville sets 2017 tax rate

Published 9:24 am Wednesday, October 18, 2017

In a quick meeting, Perryville’s 2017-18 tax rates were set at Tuesday’s special called city council meeting.

The Perryville City Council set the rates for real and personal property at 33.6 cents per $100 and for motor vehicles and watercraft at 33.6 cents per $100 — the same as last year’s rates.

The rate on abandoned urban property was set at $2 per $100, down from last year’s rate of $7 per $100.

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The 2017 tax rate has been discussed repeatedly, first with the council voting to increase the rates and decrease the abandoned urban property rate and the motor vehicle and watercraft rate in August; then return the motor vehicle and watercraft rate to the 2016 rate in September; then to drop the real and personal property rates back to last year’s levels at the meeting in early October.

During that meeting, council member Steve Bailey said he wanted to make the change “because the people, the citizens, that I represent have to pay such a high amount for sewer and water, I don’t think we ought to shove anything else down their throat.”

In September, the council learned that the city’s sewer rates were being raised by the City of Danville by about 86 percent. That decision was not made by the Perryville City Council, but by the Danville City Commission, which owns the water and sewer systems. By October, the 400 paying residents of Perryville had received bills reflecting the new rates.

Other council members agreed with Bailey, such as Brian Caldwell, who said he didn’t initially grasp what a big difference the rate hike would make, and said he felt the increase should have been implemented gradually.

The council held a first reading for an ordinance setting the rates Thursday night. The meetings had to be held this month in order to get the rates turned into County Clerk Trille Bottom’s office in time to be on the tax rolls.