Property transfers, Oct. 18

Published 8:27 am Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Mike and Lisa Graves to Angela Burke and Paul Roution, 44.768 acres in Boyle County, $85,000.

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Bruce Chute to Nellie and Jerry Houck Sr., five lots in Shelby Heights subdivision, $55,000.

James W. and Sharon F. Franklin to Roger and Lisa Foster, 1.08 acres in Boyle County, $3,300.

Raymond and Kelli Float to Dustin R. Gosser, property on Gose Pike, $180,000.

Ethel Gilliam to Linda M. Castle and David F. Briggs, property in Bluegrass Tract Section 8, $179,000.

Timothy J. Rice and Melanie L. Mobley and Serticia D. and Bobby G. Snyder to James and Maria Coontz, property on Bellevue Street, $15,000.

Robert L. and Dee Pendygraft and Leon D. and Francis Pendygraft and Mary C. Pendygraft to Leann M. Moore, property on Poplar Street, $120,000.

Joseph S. and Sara Montgomery to Eric T. and Crystin R. Moore, property on Park View Avenue, $158,300.

Ruth A. Hogue to Amanda N. Hogue, 10.22 acres in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $10,000.

Timothy and Emily Cummins to James T. Cummins Jr., one acre on Oscar Johnson Road, $15,000.

Larry F. and Janet Gordon to Beverly A. Presley, property on Mason Avenue, $35,000.

John S. Nalley to Chalmus G. Dudley, 10-percent interest in property in Boyle County, $8,000.

Jeffrey T. and Sonia Wilson to Barbara W. and Irwin T. Sanders II, property in Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $370,000.

WM Builders Inc. to Billy G. Douglas, property on White Oak Road, Junction City, $25,000.

The estate of Edith D. Shearer to Jason R. and Ellen Swanson, property on Maple Avenue, $225,000.

Owen and Elsie Nisley to Jacob and Jennifer L. Wardrip, 1.187 acres in Boyle County, $129,000.


Casey County deeds will return next week.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

George L. Cox to Jessica D Joseph, property on Miles Road, $71,000.

Donald A. and Anne H. Kitchings to Kevin P. Allen, property on Paint Lick Creek, property transfer; value $21,500.

James T. and Linda S. Allen to Jessica H. and Georges E. Atallah, property on Callico Road, $115,000.

John M. and Monica W. Bodey to Del and Vickie Brown, property in Herrington Hills Subdivision, $50,000.

Patrick and Regina L. Wilcox to Ronald W. and Mary E. Portwood, property in Garrard County, $15,500.

Frankie W. and Margaret L. Day to Edward Salisbury, property in Garrard County, $63,000.

Walter T. and Gwen Mitchell to CMH of KY, Inc., property on High Bridge Road, $75,000.

Kenny C. and Shannon R. Short to Ponjetta F. Hobbs, property in West Berea Estates,$127,300.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Edward L. Sr. and Joan D. Woolums to Jacob A. and Taylor Baker, property in Cash Creek Estates, Phase 2, $141,500.

Uneida Gale Johnson to Beth A. Martin, lot No. 2 on Tanner Circle, $111,000.

James Clark Kidwell to Peter Tate Trust Realty, LLC, tract 24 and 25 of Nature’s Gate, Section 2, and three tracts on Old U.S. 27 (called Old Ottenheim Pike), containing 284.8802 acres, $862,500.

Anna Mae Hopkins to Mac Hopkins, 0.517 acre on Spurlin Road, Crab Orchard, gift, value not listed.

Springleaf Home Equity Inc. to Springleaf Financial Services Inc., 24 acres on Carpenter Road, property transfer.

Springleaf Financial Services Inc. to Debbie and Randy Murray, 24 acres on Carpenter Road, $24,254.

Kenneth W. and Betty L. Price to Joe French, two tracts in Level Manor Subdivision, located on Manor Boulevard in Crab Orchard, $27,500.

Richard R. Ford to Clint Miracle, 3.32 acres on Ky. 698, gift; fair cash value, $1,500.

Lowell Martin, Keith Martin and Carla and Terry Allen to Peggy Martin, 5.026 acres in Lincoln County, gift; value not listed.

Daniel Stull to Michael Shawn Stull, 0.25 acre on the Kings Mountain and South Fork Highway, gift, value not listed.

Michael Mercer to Edward Jr. and Patricia Diane VanHook, lot No. 3 of Pleasant Acres Subdivision, $3,700.

Herman S. Cornett to Edward Jr. and Patricia Diane VanHook, property on Ky. 1247, $5,000.

Green River Spiritual Productions-Redemption Road Inc. to Rose of Sharon House Inc., 21.119 acres on Ky. 698, $200,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, to Uneida Johnson, 0.333 acre on Sowders Street, $70,000; fair cash value, $90,000.

Daniel and Connie Neeley to Walter and Glenda F. Butcher, property off Old Fall Lick Road (Plank Street), Crab Orchard, $110,000.

Sue Oney to Robert Oney, two tracts in Waynesburg, gift, fair cash value, $38,000.

Kimberly A. Bowen and Clay M. Bowen to Kimberly A. Bowen, lot No. 7 of Kriss Meadows Subdivision, property settlement; fair cash value, $72,500.

Mark B. and Gina C. Douglas to Wheels Service & Alignment Center, LLC, 1.9 acres on Ky. 1247, $35,500.

Joseph L. Richey and Fredia J. York-Richey to Carla Richey Elliott and James Allen Elliott, one acre on Ky. 698, gift; fair cash value, $2,500.

Wendell R. Morris and Wendell Scott Morris to Jeffrey H. Morris, 115 acres on Dix River, gift; fair cash value of interest conveyed, $345,000.

Wendell R. Morris and Jeffrey H. Morris to Wendell Scott Morris, 142.314 acres on Morris Lane, gift; fair cash value, $426,942.

Lillian A. Martin to Lillian A. Martin, Ruth A. Blevins, Jordan T. Southerland and Jeffrey S. Southerland, lot No. 28, Elliott Estates Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $103,500.

Joseph H. Peyton to Joseph H. Peyton and Shawna L. Allen, 29.23 acres on county road off Ky. 590, survivorship deed; fair cash value $70,000.

Carrol E. Estes to Pallaki D. Ravi, 24 acres near Ky. 70 in Lincoln County, $160,000.

Zachary and Alla N. Padgett to Linda L. and Norville E. Thompson, three parcels on Anderson Drive, $100,000.

Michael and Olivia E. Stafford to JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corporation, property on Goshen Cut-Off Road, deed in lieu of foreclosure; fair market value, $81,500.

Brian and LeCarole Vanoy to Michael Edward and Patricia Diane Poynter, lots No. 36 and No. 37 on Herndon Avenue, $88,000.

Charles E. and Julie Walls to Shelby and Karen Lakes, property on Ky. 1247, $12,000.

Philip J. and Linda DeBorde to Jeffrey L. and Carrie L. Mullins, property on Elm Street, Crab Orchard, $6,000.

Christopher and Letisha Marlow to Leslie Regina and Billy J. Moore, property in McKinney, $2,500.

Janet Sue Bigham, Marsha Kay Weddle, Alan Lee and Charlotte Marie Dunn, Daniel Joseph Dunn, Randall Wayne Hammack, Patricia Jean Dunn-Padgett, Darryle Lynn Padgett, Charles Owen Dunn and Jennifer O’Neal Wells-Dunn to Barry L. Smith, 0.568 acre on Norris Road, Hustonville, $2,000.

Aaron and Jennifer Stamper to Jesse and Jamie Hatter, two parcels on Redwood Drive, $182,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Bobby G. and Ann R. Riley to Jewell Shope, property on Cane Run Street, $207,000.

Hettie R. Harless and Jere D. Odell as co-executors for the estates of Delmer Odell and Delores Odell, to Joel and Kelly Odell, property on Bottom Lane, estate settlement; value not listed.

Hettie R. Harless and Jere D. Odell as co-executors for the estates of Delmer Odell and Delores Odell, to Joel and Kelly Odell, property in Mercer County, estate settlement; fair market value, $183,500.

Hettie R. Harless and Jere D. Odell as co-executors for the estates of Delmer Odell and Delores Odell, to Joel and Kelly Odell, property on Tewmey Lane, estate settlement; value not listed.

Matthew C. and Bridgette Logue to Joel and Kelly Odell, property in Mercer County, $130,000.

Judy H. Mountjoy to Kenneth Childers, property in Pebble Brook subdivision, $176,000.

Wayne and Beverly Russell to Velma R. Peavler, property in West Mooreland subdivision, property transfer; fair cash value, $50,000.

Glen Preston to Michael G. Preston, lots in O.W. McMurty Addition, $67,000.

Carolyn G. Cole to Paula and Jeffrey L. Walls, lot in Herrington Woods, $250,000.

Tyler A. Milburn to Leigh A. Karr, property on Talmage-Mayo Road, $130,000.

Mitchell and Jill Abrams to Michael and Linda Inman, property on Crozer Avenue, $85,000.

Allen and Tami Pickett, William R. and Crystal Pickett, Sandy and Lloyd Pickett Jr. and Ann P. and Carl E. Miller to Allen and Tami Pickett, property on New Dixville Road, $123,000.

Connie L. Bradley and T. Melear to Francis N. Kendrick, property in Mercer County, gift; fair market value, $124,000.

Jeremy B. and Kelly E. Shope to Rachel L. Albright, property in Mercer County, $154,000.

Shawn Derringer to Christopher B. Coots, property on Maple Street, $129,900.

Gloria A. Chilton to Collin T. Wilkins, property on Wheats School Road, $230,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank and Jennifer Moffett, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to Wimbledon Holdings, LLC and WRH Investments, LLC, property on Castle Heights, $63,900.

US Bank, David Wayne Sowder and Rhonda C. Sowder, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner  to US Bank, property on McAfee Lane, $60,000.