Mullinix family lived in Boyle, Casey, Lincoln and Washington counties

Published 4:57 pm Saturday, October 21, 2017

MITCHELLSBURG —Nimrod Benjamin Mullinix moved several times after he left his native home in Indiana in the mid-1800s. He lived in Boyle, Casey, Lincoln and Washington counties. He was living in Mitchellsburg when he died.

Mullinix has a number of different spellings in the U.S. Census and other

records: Mulnaix, Mullinex, Mullenix, Mullinicks, Mullannix, Mullins, Mullinix, Millinnix and Mullinax.

The house in Mitchellsburg where the Mullinix family lived in the early 1900s. The house is owned by the Marvin Bandy family.

The top photo is the south side of the house, and the bottom is the front of the house.

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The family apparently descends from Robert Mullinax, born in 1690 in Dublin, Ireland, and died in Goochland, Virginia. His wife was Mary Alice Milligan (1709-1754).

Robert’s son Archibald Mullinex Sr., (1756-1820) came to Campbell County, Kentucky. He and Rachel Jane Powell (1734-1787) were married in 1856 in Augusta, Virginia.

One of their children, Benjamin Mullinix (1809-1885), was Nimrod’s father.

Census records show Nimrod was married twice, first to Martha E. Patsy Lawson Matherly of Washington County, and Mary Green Watson.

He and Martha had one child, Sarah, born about 1864.

The 1880 Census showed Nimrod, 38, lived and worked on a farm in Mitchellsburg. His wife, Martha “Patsy” Lawson Mullinix, 53, was listed as keeping house.

Nimrod, 30, was a farm labor in the 1870 Census and lived in Mitchellsburg. His wife Martha E., 50, was a housekeeper, and daughter Sarah, 6, was in school. Mary Matherly and Anderson Matherly, both, 21, also lived in the same house. Anderson also was a farm labor.

Nimrod was 20 and a farm laborer in 1860, Washington County census records show. He was living with his wife Martha E., 41, in Mackville. Mary A. Matherly and Anderson B. Matherly, children by Martha’s first marriage, both 9 years old, were living in the same household.

Nimrod apparently never owned property, according to census records which showed he and his family lived in rental property. He could neither read or write. He was a farm labor most of his life.

Second marriage

Nimrod was 49 years old when he and Mary Green Watson (1867-1925) were married January 26, 1889, in Boyle County. She was almost 30 years younger than Nimrod.

They had six children:

Walter Lee, born in 1889 in Mitchellsburg. He died in 1963.

Martha Elizabeth was born in 1891 in Lincoln County, and died in 1914.

Mary Dorcus was born in 1894 in Lincoln County, and died 1988.

Susie Palmer, was born in 1896, in Lincoln County and died in 1982.

Twins Maude Christine and Claude B., were born in 1899 in Milledgeville, in Lincoln County. She died in 1899. Claude was a member of Co. C., 4th Infantry in World War I. He died in 1979.

The family lived in a large two-story house near Mitchellsburg Baptist Church. The house was owned by Everett Lee and Bertha Lamb Bandy. Their son Marvin and his family also lived in the house.

Census records

The1900 Casey County Census shows the Millinix family

lived in the Big South Fork community in Northern Casey County.

Nimrod, 60, and Mary, 33, and their children listed ,are: Walter, 10; Martha E., 8; Mary D. 6; Susie, 4; and twins Claudie B. and Maudie, 9 months. Nimrod was listed a farm labor and could neither read nor write. Mary could read.

In 1850, Nimrod was 10 years old and living in Mercer County with his parents Benjamin Mullinix, 60, a farmer, and Sarah Mary, 30; and siblings Greenberry, 8; Frances, 6; John, 4, and Samuel Mullinix, infant.

Nimrod’s father, Benjamin was born in 1791, in Virginia, and died on June 12, 1885, in Mercer County. He was a member of Co. E, 25th, Heck’s, Virginia Infantry in the Civil War.

Benjamin’s wife, Sarah, was born in 1819 and died in 1880. They were married September 21, 1842, in Decatur County, Indiana. Children of Benjamin and Sarah Mary are:

Greensbury (1843-1874), born and died in Mercer County. He was a private in Co. F, 10th Ky. Inf., During the Civil War.

Mary Damia Frances (1845-1886), was born in Kentucky and died in Decatur County, Indiana.

John T. (1847-1927), was born in Kentucky. He was in Co. G, 42nd Indiana Infantry, during the Civil War.

Samuel, was born in 1850 in Mercer County, Kentucky.

George P. was born in 1851 in Kentucky.

Belle Missouri (1854-1882), was born in Kentucky and died in Decatur County, Indiana.

Serilda Jane “Jennie” (1854-1912), was born in Kentucky.

Joseph born in 1858 and lived in Washington, Kentucky.