Hogsett renovation plans moving forward

Published 10:49 am Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Plans are continuing to move forward for the renovation of Hogsett Elementary School, as the board saw schematic designs Monday night.

“I want to emphasize — schematic designs are establishing the footprint of the facility,” said Superintendent Keith Look. It’s a rough look at what it could be, but a “significant increase” from earlier discussion, he said.

“We know that we are going to need three preschool classrooms, six kindergarten classrooms and six first grade classrooms, in order to handle our enrollment, even with a little bit of expansion,” said Look. “That is what is required of us to make sure we can run the school.”

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There’s a little additional space, he said, which appears as flex rooms — rooms with a flexible purpose.

“That could be used should there be class sizes to increase,” he said. Look said those flex spaces could also be used as a dedicated space for art, music or something else.

The kindergarten and preschool classrooms are the largest; the space was requested by teachers to make sure the kids will have enough room to move around. First-grade classrooms will be in existing rooms, equaling some cost savings.

“There is still a great deal of fun to be had in determining where walls go, how things move and so forth,” Look said. “This gives the board a chance to look at what the overall footprint will be.”

The school is also anticipated to have room for its own Family Resource Center and guidance offices. There was also discussion on having a separate pick up and drop off for preschool students from the main areas.

The building is anticipated to be a little more than the original estimate and board members requested a definitive amount to be given before they move forward.

Look said the board had more time for discussion, but they wanted to get the design in the members’ hands as soon as possible.

Board members are expected to meet with Studio Kremer Architects on Tuesday, but have not yet set a time due to two members — Troy McCowan and Lori Finke — being absent on Monday.