Property transfers, Oct. 25

Published 11:01 am Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

R. Wigham and Jodi Arnold to George and Valarie Coomer, property on East Lexington Ave., $35,200.

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Patrick R. and Esther I. Fretz to Sherry L. Merrick, property in Highlands Subdivision, $69,500.

Sean Hatcher to Eric Hatcher, property on Nosco Road, $215,000.

Gaylord W. and Linda L. Hatcher to Eric Hatcher, property in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $15,000.

Randy P. and Terri A. Dean to Lynne and Phillip Dean, property on Springfield Road, Perryville, $225,000.

Helen Vanderpool to Roy Davis, Jr., property on the corner of Fifth and Smith Streets, $37,500.

Scott Anderson, David Anderson and Rhonda Anderson to Rita Turner, property on Anderson Heights, $29,000.

Elizabeth Ann Cook to William “Bill” Engle, Debora Engle and Makaylee Paige Johnson, property on Stewart”s Lane, $15,000.

Teresa A. Engle to Jered Engle, property in Boyle County, $175,000.

Sandra Lovett Mitchell and Mary Beth Lovett to Nellie and Jerry Houck, Sr., property in Junction City, $50,000.

Jon C. Glasscock and Kentucky Tax Lien Fund, through J. ThomasHensley, master commissioner, to Ky. Lien Holdings, LLC, property in Boyle County, $9,000, sellers to have six months right of redemption.

Lien Holdings LLC to NMO Investments, LLC, 24.49 acres in Boyle County, $9,000.

NMO Investments LLC to Kurt and Ann Weise, 24.49 acres in Boyle County, $55,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Susan Farthing, property on Logan Ave., $102,000.

Nathan Link to Janelle H. Dishman, unit in Charleston Greene, $201,500.

Party On Air Xtreme Inflatables, LLC to POA Properties LLC, property in Bluegrass Chase Farms North, Phase II, property transfer; fair market value, $285,000.

Alex Bremer, executor of the Jacqueline Bremer Estate to Alex Bremer, 1 acre in Boyle County, estate settlement; fair cash value, $160,000.

Jill M. Malusky and Jamie Malusky and Joshua Jones to Jennifer N. and Samuel T. Compton, property in Boyle County, $173,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Sharon Schaible to Mervin and Rebecca Martin, property in Casey County, $29,700.

Richard R. and Lucy Pendleton to Steven M. and Cassandra M. Wall, property in Casey County, $20,000.

Vernon B. and Abigail Pittman to Patrick C. and Jennifer Nicole Jones, property in Casey County, $120,000.

Rachel Mullins, Rosemary and Ricky Scott and Rebecca Copass to Winthrop and Brenda S. Farnsworth, property on Woodrum Ridge Road, $111,000.

Jo Ann Hensley to Jo Ann Hensley, Jeanetta Heeg and Jonna Heeg, property in Casey and Pulaski counties, gift; fair cash value, $260,000.

Miles G. Roberts Investments, Inc. to Stephanie and Brian Hines, property on Jonathan Fork Road, $5,000.

Bank of Columbia and Melissa G. Walls, through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner, to Jerry R. Rodgers, property on  Canoe Creek, $12,500.

Brad Johnson and Lori Johnson to Vaughan E. Gillian M. Catlett, property in Casey County, $165,000.

Terry L. and Carmella Randolph and Jerry D. Randolph to Terry L. and Carmella Randolph, property in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $5,000.

R.E.T. Inc., to Velma Christine Dean, property in Wild Wood Estates subdivision, $10,000.

Debra Sue Tapscott, as executrix of the Carolyn Faye Propes estate, to Davey and Lucile Coffman, property on Ky. 49, $58,300.

Michael R. and Sally A. Pittman to Marshall D. and Marie D. Garrett, property in Green River Estates, $55,000.

Casey County Bank and Carla R. Denny, through Donald S. Thomas, master commissioner, to Casey County Bank, property on Ky. 78, $7,000.

Patrick Bryant and Jonathan Clarkson to Danny and Wanda Clarkson, property in Casey County, $5,000.

Michael G. Perkins to Kenneth C. Leigh, Lot #4 in William Carr Outlots,  $2,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Billy and Tammy Lake to Robin Smith, two tracts on Fall Lick Creek, $33,500.

Jared and Lynsey Gowens to Anthony and Meagan Roe, property on Rolling Meadows Drive, $120,000.

Paula Rigsby to Paul and Debbie Rigsby, two tracts in Lancaster, gift; $80,000 fair cash value.

Mollie Lane and Whitaker Bank, through Johnny Bolton, master commissioner, to Darrell Barrett, lot in Daly Court Subdivision, $30,200.

Steve and Shelia Pingleton to Brittany Pingleton, property on Copper Creek Road, gift; $35,000, fair cash value.

Michael A. and Melissa Tetirick to JLB Investments, property in Garrard County, $130,000.

John R. Fritz, Jr. to Ricky and Sandy Volk, property in Garrard County, $12,000.

Cassie R. Coontz to James Coontz, property on Ky. 52, gift; $30,000 fair cash value.

James and Mara Coontz to James P. and Laura J. Sheeks, property on Ky. 52, $10,000.

Ted and Judy Cundiff, Virginia Cornett, William Fulcher, Barbara Fulcher, Tommy and Lora L. Mink, Tim Mink and Betty Arnold to Ekkeman Properties LLC, property in Garrard County, $30,000.

MMT Development Co. LLC to Kent A. Johnson, property on River Run Drive, $255,000.

Kenneth W. and Kimberly S. Stewart to TCM Properties LLC, 4.92 acres on Nicholasville Road, $115,000.

Frances P. and Phyllis Halloran to Leroy Davis, property on Haselden Heights, $15,000.

V.A. and Glenda Maupin to Eddie and Paula Cantrell, three tracts containing 6.13 acres, 9.1 acres and 7.93 acres on Perry Rogers Road, $21,000.

V.A. and Glenda Maupin to Eddie and Paula Cantrell, property on Sugar Creek, $25,000.

James E. and Jo Ann McCulley and James E. McCulley II, to James E. McCulley, III, property  on Pin Oak Drive, gift; $92,000, fair market value.

McKinley B. and Kimberly Lynn Dailey to William K. and Kimberly G. Bastin, property in Teater Brothers Subdivision, $248,000.

Kentucky Housing Corp. and James R. Darland, through Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner, to Kentucky Housing Corp., 1.06 acre on Calico Road, $55,700.

John W. Walker III to William and Judy Hurt, two tracts on Gooch Pike, $70,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

The Bank of New York Mellon to Brian J. Collins, lot No. 32, Phase 4, Sun Valley Place, $55,000.

Church of God of Stanford, Kentucky, to FSF East Main, LLC, property at the corner of East Main Street and Logan Avenue, Stanford, $40,000.

Stanford Wilderness Road LLC, to Commonwealth of Kentucky, for the benefit of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, two parcels containing 0.172 acre, along Ky. 1247, $7,825.

Stanford Wilderness Road, LLC, to Commonwealth of Kentucky, for the benefit of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, 0.189 acre along Ky. 1247, $6,450.

H.R. III and Barbara Saufley to Chamanbha M. Patel and Neel C. Patel, lot No. 3 of Vista Court Subdivision, $25,000.

James Harvey and Dorothy Louise Wilder to Tannis Shelton, Patricia Harrison and Joseph Middleton, property in Crab Orchard, $24,000.

Peggy Stickler to Richard James and Leslie Haren, about seven acres in Lincoln County, $90,000.

Dorothy S. and Tim Durrett to Joey and Amanda Gambrel, two parcels off Shake Rag Road, $90,000.

Lorena K. Moore to Donald E. and Mary Alice Moore, five acres in Lincoln County, $72,000.

Ruth Rakestraw to Connie Waldroup, lot No. 16, Phase 5, Foster’s Lane Residential Development, $113,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Steven Knight, lot No. 9 of Berry Lane Development, Phase 2, $56,000.

Jimmy L. and Tessa L. Davis to Logan B. Cook, lot No. 11, Unit 5, Block E, Dix River Estates Subdivision, $107,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Marshall Scott, property on Main Street, Crab Orchard, $68,250.

Johnny and Patsy Thompson to Keith A. and Laura T. Hamm, lot Nos. 7-9 and a portion of lot No. 6, Baughman Subdivision, $79,000.

Lonnie and Kathryn Brown to Terry and Tabitha Bullock, Daniel Chase and Danielle Padgett and Brandon and Kimberly Jeffries, property off Boneyard Hollow Road, McKinney, $9,000.

Carolyn Faye Padgett to Terry and Tabitha Bullock, Daniel Chase and Danielle Padgett and Brandon and Kimberly Jeffries to Kenneth W. and Lisa A. Dowell, two lots on Maple Swamp Road, $55,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

John and Vickie Curtsinger to Wesley and Marie Williams, property in Mercer County, $6,000.

US Bank Trust to Dale E. Cuzick and Tracie C. Thom, property on Ky. 342, $44,000.

Denver Mills to Robert W. and Joy Crawford, property on Cornishville Road, $53,000.

Kenneth A. Kurtz, Clarence T. Camden, Nancy Camden, Brenda Sims Keck, Terry Camden and Wyonnette Camden, Brack C. Camden and Nancy L. Camden, Ronald A. Kurtz and Leslie Kurtz, Lucille Sims Hendren, Rheda Mayes and Dennis Mayes, Clinton Sims, Jr., M. Norma Louise Sims, Darryl G. Peavler and Wanda Louise Sims Peavler, H.J. Sims and Pamela Sims and Kathryn Tuggle, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to Hurst & Neal, LLC, property on Lexington Road, $13,500.

Carl Vansardall, executor of the Lucille Vanarsdall estate, and Treva Vansardall, Laverne K. and Steven C. Morris to Mark W. and Lillie M. Osbourn, 21.57 acres in Mercer County, $73,250.

Mark and Carlotta Russell to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, property on Beaumont Ave., $118,524.05.

The Bank of New York Mellon to AHS Properties, LLC, Jones Street, $57,501.

Marvin V. Claunch, Linda A. and Wayne Boyd, Kimberly J. and Jeffrey Poole, through Caleb L. Bottoms, to Linda A. Boyd and Kimberly J. Poole, one-half interest each of property on Irish Ridge Road, property transfer; fair market value, $168,000.

Wanda C. Waldridge to Jeffrey K. and Angela R. Wethington, property in Mercer County, $250,000.

Glenn and Pamela Bugg to Stephen G. and Rose M. Towe, 28.76 acres in Mercer County, $500,000.

Teresa and Terry Yates and Christina Yates to Christina Yates and Jason Gaddis, property on Cornishville Road, $29,900.

James F. and Linda Byrd to Roney and James Bottoms, property on U.S. 68, $22,500.

Allison C Price and Anthony Crosby to Colin M. Epperson, property on Palisades Drive, property transfer; value $15,000.

Mark G. and Denise L. Edwards to Tara L. Springate, property in Mercer County, $79,000.

Carl Vanarsdall, executor of the Lucille Vanarsdall estate, and Treva Vanarsdall and Laverne K. and Steven C. Morris to Steven C. and Laverne K. Morris, 3.66 acres in Mercer County, property transfer; fair market value, $14,640.