Property transfers, Nov. 1

Published 8:32 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Dale Z. Holmes to David M. and Judy A. Bastin, property on Graham Road, $243,000.

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Christopher R. Woodward and Angela K. Woodward, to Gary W. and Veronica Z. Yocom, property on Logan Ave., $50,000

Greenriver Investments, LLC, Mary Roberts, Danny King, Teresa Stratton, PNC Bank, National  Association and Apex, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole, property on Danville-Lebanon Pike, $23,760.

Kentucky Tax Lien Fund, LLC and James F. Houston, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole, property on Duncan Hill Road, $100; value not listed.

Boyle County Habitat for Humanity, Janka Gail Turpin and JP Morgan Chase Bank, to Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole, .211 acre in Boyle County, $25,000.

Paulette T. and John Churchill, Jr. to Terri N. Edwards, property on Saint Josephs Court, $165,000.

Kentucky Housing Corporation and Jennifer Fitzhugh, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Judith P. and Xiuming Jia, property on Terrace Court, $41,000.

Larry R. Brown to Glyn D. and Anne H. Kerbaugh, 5.514 acres in Boyle County, $304,900.

Bank Properties, LLC to Bridgette Hurt, property on Madison Ave., $115,000.

Katherine M. Waught to Bobby and Mary M. Burton, property on McGroty Ave., $12,000.

Cara and Michael McAfee to James E. Sherry K. Jones, lot in Castlerock Subdivision, $103,000.

Jean A. Yeiser to Alan Ruiz, property on Mason Ave., $115,000.

Clark Properties and Development to Kevin B. and Rebecca A. Peterson, property on Walnut Street Commons, $166,500.

WBI Assets, LLC to Jerry and Karla B. Stewart, lot in Rolling Meadows subdivision, $367,500.

Beverly C. Quinn, through Maribeth Quinn, to Thomas F. and Martha W. Taylor, property on Polk Street, $35,000.

Jessica Popplewell and Eric Bumm to NePo Properties LLC, property on North Second Street, property transfer; fair cash value, $115,000.

Jessica Popplewell and Eric Bumm to NePo Properties, LLC, property on North Second Street, property transfer; fair cash value, $82,000.

Linda G. Cloyd to Robert C. and Megan Anderson, property on Cloverdale Drive, $139,500.

Jennifer Satterly to Brian K. and Ruby R. McElroy, property on U.S. 127, $77,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Charles and Sheila Alcorn, to Patricia A. McClain, lot in Teater Brothers subdivision, $140,000.

Elleman Properties, LLC to Alexander and Yolanda Acosta, lot in Garrard County, $55,000.

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Kevin Flynn, property on Calico Road, Berea, $22,500.

Kevin Flynn to Kevin and Dina L. Flynn, property on Calico Road, Berea, property transfer, value not listed.

V.A. (Buddy) and Glenda Maupin, to Eddie and Paula Cantrell, 1.853 acres on Perry Rogers Road, gift; true market value $80,000.

Charles and Lois Richardson to Randall G. and Jennifer Grubbs, lot on Debbie Avenue in Rolling Hills subdivision, $55,000.

Martha A. Flory to Hope L. Devasher, property on U.S. 27, $162,500.

Dwayne and Renee May and Lonnie and Barbara Napier, to N & M, LLC, property on the North side of Danville Street; property transfer, value not listed.

Deborah Epling to Ty D. and Holly M. Robinson, property on Lee Drive, $184,900.

Thomas J. and Cynthia M. Fryer to William B. Garrett, Jr., tract in Hidden Valley subdivision, $46,000.

Rhonda and Larry Patterson and Rachael Patterson, to Daniel J. Kelley and Rosemary Montgomery, lot in The Meadows at Daycrest Subdivision, $264,900.

Donald S. and Bonnie B. Estepp, to Margaret L. Cook, property on New Haven Road, $104,000.

Dmitriy and Enne Panchelyuga to Phillip W. and Amy K. Carpenter, two tracts in Garrard County, $205,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Christopher Owens, as executor of the Henrietta Smith estate, to Anna Mae Hopkins, 0.368 acre off U.S. 150, $82,500.

Julie Miniard to John K. and Edna M. Miniard, 1.50 acres on Walnut Grove School Road, $2,500.

Leon and Sandra Corraine Petrey to Debra L. Salvador, property on New U.S. 27, Waynesburg, $20,000.

Sherman L. and Billie June Williams to Jennifer Williams, two tracts off Mason Gap Road containing 81.16 acres, gift, and further consideration of $24,053.25; fair cash value, $248,000.

James Daniel and Lindsey Marie Garrison to Hunter Mason, two parcels on Ky. 1247, $95,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, lot No. 4, Block B, Skyline Subdivision, located on Ky. 3249, property transfer, fair cash value, $109,063.06.

Richard and Dottie Shelton to George H. and Catherine A. Baribeault, two tracts on Neals Creek Road containing 1.37 acres, $15,000.

Sue Carol and Harold Bruce Milburn to David F. Jr. and Debra R. Ernst, property on McKinney Court, Stanford, $16,500.

John W. and Jo Retta Whitaker to Thomas R. and Rebecca G. Julian, lot No. 37, Section 2, Silver Flats Subdivision, $65,000.

Sammy L. and Crystal D. Brown to Gregory Allen Kirkpatrick, property on U.S. 27, Ky. 1247 and Spice Ridge Road containing 51.923 acres, $119,600.

Petra Thompson to Dianna Goode, lot No. 67, Phase 6, North Moreland Place Subdivision, $43,775.

Justin and Kandis Murray to Pamela R. Thompson, 1.63 acres on Somerset Street, Stanford, $116,000.

H.R. III and Barbara Saufley to Robert and Carolyn Muse, property on Chickasaw Trail, $113,500.

Sherman L. and Billie June Williams to Shawn Williams, two parcels containing 11 acres in Neals Creek section, gift; fair cash value, $95,700.

Barbara Carmickle and Billy R. Chester to Timmie Rice, lot Nos. 24-26 of Marshall Acres Subdivision, $3,000.

Barbara Carmickle, individually and as executrix of the Irene Middleton estate, Ronald D. Jr. and Beverly Rush and William Bradley Chester to Timmie Rice, lot Nos. 19-23 of Marshall Acres Subdivision, located on Airport Road (Givens Road), $70,000.

Claud M. Richards to Cayla Rose and Vincent L. Wilson, property on Robin Drive, $95,000.

Vicky A. and Edwin L. Parker to Ronald B. Cooper, property on Moore’s Lane, property settlement, value not listed.

Billie S. Ratliff to Chastity Brown, lot No. 17, Phase 2, Ravenwood Manor Subdivision, $110,000.

Wilma McCulley, Paula and Paul Starnes and Sheila and Earl Starnes to Andrew Starnes, 4.47 acres off Knob Lick Road, gift; fair cash value, $18,000.

Patricia A. Calico, as executrix of the Forrest W. Calico estate and as trustee of The Forrest W. Calico Revocable Trust, to Patricia A. Calico, two tracts on Ky. 1770 containing 52.352 acres, estate settlement; fair cash value, $105,000.

Trowbridge Family Acres LLC, to Sherry Spigle Acton, 1.20 acres on South Shady Lane, gift; fair cash value, $3,000.

Tobe Properties, LLC, to Samuel Wayne and Lesley McMahan Lawson, three tracts off Ky. 1150 containing 50.211 acres, $360,000.

Carl Joseph Gooch, individually and as executor of the Ralph Gilbert Gooch estate, Wanda Jane and Russell David Berry, Janet Sue Gooch and Donna Faye and Barry Allen Delaney to Jacob Ware and Halie Wilson, two parcels on Ky. 501, $54,000.

Levi E. and Emma H. Mast to Mose M. Jr. and Lydia Mae Miller, two parcels off Shelton Road and John Sims Road, containing 23.611 acres, $200,000.

Sara Lola Hopkins, through Tony Shearer, to Daniel S. and Sarah R. Miller, three tracts near Holdam Mill, $207,000.

Donald Lee Haggard to Lilly Jean Kidd, 1.337 acres on Greenbrier Road, gift; fair cash value, $12,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Rickie and Wanda Click to Rory Click and John Click, two tracts on Oakland Lane, property transfer; fair market value $199,500.

Ruby R. and Brian McElroy to Nicona Hiser, property on Kennedy Bridge Road, $70,000.

Jeanette and Charles T. Duncan III, to Justin and Fatima Jackson, 29.95 acres on Kirkwood Road, $108,213.15.

HSBC Bank, USA, National Association, to Dicky D. Stumbo, property on Edgewood Avenue, $80,000.

Sandra G. and James G. McMurtrie, to Vincent Logan, lot in Audubon Park, $97,000.

Brad and Theresa R. Noel to Ridgestone Properties, LLC, property on U.S. 27, $62,500.

Steve and Jill Knoll to Steven E. and Olivia Talbott, property in Mercer County, $99,000.

Kevin and Jamie Burdine to Kimberly L. and Jack R. Fasler, lot in Ash-Dan Estates Subdivision, $178,000.

George and Linda K. Birk to Natashia and Pavel Derkach, three lots on Chimney Rock Drive, $230,000.

Roger D. and Melissa D. Davis to James G. and Susan L. Sutton, property on North Main Street, $9,900.

Phyllis D. McMullin to Bryant H. Cotten, property on Talmage-Mayo Road, $160,000.