Fackler’s name shouldn’t be erased

Published 2:50 pm Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dear Editor,

If Fackler Street in Danville is to be renamed, it should be renamed to Calvin Morgan Fackler Street. This Danville resident and his family deserve recognition for the work he did to record and preserve the history of our fair town.

I have purchased a copy of his book and am currently reading it. I’m disappointed that it was not required reading when I attended Danville High School or when I was a student at Centre College. It’s a shame that this amazing depth of historical information was unknown to me even though I was born in Danville, Kentucky, and attended school and college here.

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I realize that others may like to literally erase this author and historian from our maps, but I would recommend that the only change that be made is to use Fackler’s full name, so others may be more likely to do a little research and find out who Calvin Morgan Fackler was and be more able to find this book and learn more about our mutual history.

I am thankful that the current debate arose, so I could find out about the book.

However, I do not understand, with so many generic streets in Danville, why people feel the need to erase history rather than build on it. If Mr. Smith is to be honored, let’s do so by building up rather than tearing down. This destructive trend in our country need not invade this community. Surely we are wise enough here in Boyle County to find a way to revere all of our great citizens.

Angela Allen