Preparing for the worst

Published 10:22 am Thursday, November 2, 2017

Photos and text by Robin Hart/

The medical and security staff at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center held an internal drill Tuesday morning at the hospital. The scenario involved an upset father who came to the nursery and kidnapped his new born infant after being told that social services was taking the baby because it was born addicted to narcotics. The drill continued when the suspect tucked the baby in a duffle bag, “shot” a nurse trying to stop him and attempted to leave the hospital. Along the way the suspect “shot” several staff members who also confronted him. The drill was to demonstrate where the strengths and weaknesses were within the hospital to stop a gunman, and how to quickly get patients to the emergency room within the facility during an emergency.

When the drill began Emilee Kimbler, an RN in the nursery, was the first to confront the suspect as he forced his way into the room to kidnap his baby.

The “kidnapper and shoote,r” Brian Jenkins, leaves the nursery with a “baby” in the duffle bag and a gun in his hand.

Sarah Christian, left, attempts to stop the “suspect,” Brian Jenkins, from going into the stairwell as he tries to escape the hospital.

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