Perryville could see zoning changes

Published 9:16 am Saturday, November 4, 2017

Perryville could see some official rezoning in the coming months, after a discussion between the council and Steve Hunter, director of the Danville-Boyle County Planning and Zoning, at Thursday night’s meeting.

“We’re here to work for you guys,” Hunter said.

He told the city his office could do a map project, which would consist of labeling everything correctly and make everything conform to the zoning laws — or make the zones reflect the map more accurately.

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“(We would) make that an exercise and work as a community,” he said. “You almost go property owner to property owner and say, ‘Hey, what do you want your property to be?’”

It would establish a baseline for future zone changes, Hunter said.

Doing this would also establish right of ways in the city, he said, which has been an ongoing discussion in the city’s meetings.

“You almost have to pull all of the plats and piece all of the plats together,” Hunter said.

The project would require getting residents to agree and might require working with the county for those properties that lie on the edge of the city limits.

The current zoning map is on the Boyle County’s website, at

“This is the kind of stuff I enjoy. This would be a fun project,” Hunter said. “It would be a benefit.”

In other business 

• The council discussed sidewalks that need to be sanded down, and members will compile a list and discuss renting equipment at a later meeting. 

• Fire Chief Anthony Young presented an upcoming need to purchase some SCBAs, or self-contained breathing apparatus. He has received a grant of about $21,300 toward the purchase, but said they will need to think about a capital expense because he has “tapped out” the grant resources. He’s currently getting quotes.

“These things start going out next year … They’re done. They’ve been very good for 15 years, but their lifetime is over,” Young said.