Area artists return to takeover downtown Danville

Published 9:08 am Tuesday, November 7, 2017



At the Gallery Hop Stop, downtown Danville businesses, agencies, and private studios offer to host local artists by providing exhibit space and refreshments after regular business hours. The event, created and produced by the Arts Commission, began in 2004. It is held twice each year, in mid-June and again in November, to help launch the holiday buying season. The event is designed to support the downtown business district by bringing people into various business spaces, as well as provide new exposure for the artists, who would otherwise have no venue in which to display their work without paying a commission or percentage of sales.

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This event has become popular with the community, as people enjoy visiting with friends and neighbors, as they browse the wares of local merchants and the artists’ recent work. The exhibits included painting, jewelry, photography, stained glass, pottery, fiber art, wood carving, and more. Local professional musicians perform at some venues to gain exposure, as do student musicians to gain experience. It is popular with hosting business, some of whom have reported their sales doubled that day. And some artists have reported sales of $700 to $1000 during the event.

The Gallery Hop Stop continues to be a much-anticipated event, as both new artists and returning artists with new work are showcased. 

Gallery Hop Venues and Participants

1. Boyle County Public Library

301 West Broadway

Kentucky Gourd Society Exhibit

VSA Exhibit , “A Matter of Perspective”

Sandy Wells, jewelry

Mary Trollinger, photography

2. Dixon Design

324 West Broadway

John Andrew Dixon, collage

3. Tye Financial Services

141 North Third

Tillie Sowders, ornaments and handmade scarves

Gavin Mahan, photography

4. Bluegrass and Buttercream

115 North Third

Chris Conley, ceramics

Arts Commission, quilt kits

5. Derby Shop & Raggs

124/126 North Third

Tom Lamp, watercolors

Martha Robertson, painting

6. Carol’s Bridal

309 West Main

Diana Kestly, jewelry

7. McDaniel Wealth Management

215 West Main

Connie Beale, painting and collage

Marlene Hanna, painting

8. Cerci on Main

217 West Main

Pat Williams, fiber art

9. Plank on Main

219 West Main

Travis Kern, musician

10. Hub Coffee House and Café

236 West Main

Flem Messer, author

Bob Gundy, photography

11. Centre College Bookstore

236 West Main

Heather Henson, author

12. Wealth South

304 West Main

Roni Gilpin, painting and glass

Marie Taylor, stained glass

Jane Brantley, photography

13. Trinity Episcopal Church

320 West Main

Paul Muth, ceramics

Margaret Levi, jewelry

14. A & L Acessories

324 West Main

Cheryl Mayes, jewelry

Cathy York, York’s Corks

15. Vestiary

126 South Fourth

Shelby Owens, jewelry

Wayne Daugherty, painting

16. Jane Barleycorn’s Market and Bar

128 South Fourth

Kristan Paynter, painting

17. Community Arts Center

401 West Main

Horizon: Contemporary Landscape Exhibit

23 artists from 12 states

Infinity Exhibit

22 artists from Gathering Artists,

Danville’s longest standing artist society

Jewelry by Shelby Owens

Painting by Kristan Paynter