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Published 8:35 am Friday, November 10, 2017

On Thursday, Jennie Rogers Elementary School hosted the program “Life is Cool” for all of Danville Schools’ fourth- and fifth-graders. According to Jennie Rogers science/STEM and lab teacher, Amanda Addison, the event was hosted by the Kentucky Organ Donation Association and teaches students about their organs, body systems, living a healthy lifestyle and the importance of being an organ donor. The 90-minute program involved the students rotating through several stations, many of which displayed real pig organs. Instructors at each station were volunteers from Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center and talked to the students about the importance and function of the organs.

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Da’Maurius Frye, right, reacts to holding real pig’s kidney as his friend, Lamarrion Batts, waits for his turn to hold it. Both students are from Hogsett Elementary School.

Brittany Lyons, an RN from EMRMC, holds a heart and explains its function to the fourth and fifth-graders.

Brianna Watson, left, and Kaija Constance, both fourth-graders at Jennie Rogers Elementary School watch as a nurse from Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center shows the group the heart of a pig.

Lamarrion Batts, a Hogsett Elementary School fourth-grader, reacts to holding a pig’s kidney.

Eduardo Cisneros, left, of Jennie Rogers Elementary School and Nathan Doyle from Hogsett Elementary School, study test tubes filled with cholesterol from different foods. The tube on the far left is empty because it if from an apple. The full tube on the far right is cholesterol from trail mix.

Hogsett Elementary students, from left, Steven Mullins and Sam Torson watch a pig’s lungs expand as Jailynn Patterson pumps air into the large organ

From left, Hogsett Elementary fifth-grader Trinity Holt, Kadri Whaley, Nathan Doyle and Dre’Ana White are curious about a pig’s heart, but Zaviera Simpson, far right, seems unsure.

At left, Kadri Whaley, a fourth-grader at Jennie Rogers, and Dre’Ana White, a fourth-grader from Hogsett Elementary School, examine a pig’s heart on display.

Hogsett Elementary School fourth-grader Jakeem Ray, listens to his beating heart after running in place.

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