Keepsakes, Nov. 15

Published 8:53 am Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Danville Christian Academy raises nearly $47,000 at Successful Fall Celebration

Danville Christian Academy wrapped up 20 years in 2016 and launched into the next 20 and beyond with some serious momentum at the 2017 Fall Celebration on Thursday, Nov. 2. The dinner and auction was a record-breaking event in money raised for the school.

Jim Ward, Danville Christian Academy Headmaster, having spent 28 years in the Kentucky Public School System, began the evening by speaking highly of his first three months at the school.

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 “After years of being involved with education around the country, it is clear that we have world class students, parents and teachers and that the core values of the school revolve around truth.” Ward then released the new DCA video promo entitled “Engaging the Truth, Empowering the Future.” This 45-second work of art, produced by DCA parents Gabe and Kayla Ferris, set the tone for the noteworthy evening.

Students Cam Slone and Holli Harris gave speeches to the attendees as dinner was served summarizing their eleven+ years at the academy. Cam described how he thought he could “slack” his freshman year with his studies but soon found out that his teachers were not content to let him fail. “They surrounded me and made sure I knew they were there to help and expected me to succeed.”

The dinner was followed by an auction led by skilled auctioneer, John Helm. Auction items included a Florida beach house vacation, a whole beef, an antique gun, and more. The most lively part of the auction came with the last item of the night: “The First Brick Laid” for the new walkway that will lead from the current DCA building to the coming gymnasium.

Billy Inmon II presented the Legacy Brick program to the crowd saying, “When I look at you folks, I see the foundation of everything that your DCA student is and will become. Tremendous sacrifice has taken place for this school to be in existence and I want to invite you to insure that our future generations never forget the sacrifice and achievements of the foundation [that you helped to build].”

The “First Brick Laid” along with many donations of the community and school family for the live and silent auction items helped to raise a total of nearly $47,000. The school finance committee estimates this total to continue to climb as more Legacy Bricks are donated for the gymnasium walkway.

Garden Club

Making a jar full of flowers look pretty isn’t as difficult as it might seem, with help from an expert. At the November meeting of the Garden Club of Danville, member and interior designer, Jennifer Shevlin demonstrated how to make a simple autumn arrangement for a side table. She provided containers and a selection of fresh flowers, greenery, and autumn floral accessories for the members to create their own designs to take home. These women show their arrangements in progress, each one different. From left, Susan Jonas, Joyce Eulner, guest Mayumi Schalkoff, and Barbara Ferguson.

For many years the Garden Club of Danville has been planting and maintaining the Apothecary Garden at the Ephraim McDowell House Museum. The garden is planted with medicinal herbs that Dr. McDowell might have used in his medical practice in the 19th century. Visitors to the house can tour the gardens and the adjoining Apothecary Shop. From early spring until late fall, a team of Garden Club members visits weekly to keep the garden looking its best. Team members recently put the garden to bed for the winter, cutting back dead foliage and raking up leaves to be mulched. From left, Linda Taylor, Kay Arnold, Fran Halloran, and Carol Seidel.