Kentucky trio excited for upcoming high school basketball season

Published 10:39 am Thursday, November 16, 2017


Mykasa Robinson of Ashland, Blair Green of Harlan County and  Seygan Robins of Mercer County figure to be two of the leading candidates for Miss Basketball honors in Kentucky this season.

Robins led Mercer to the school’s first state title last year. Robinson, Robins and Green are elite recruits. Robins and Robinson have signed to play with Louisville next season while Green signed with Kentucky.

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“I think Seygan will bring a lot of energy to the team, she shoots the ball very well, and is just an all-around great player,” Robinson said. “I think we will work well as teammates on and off the court.  I had fun with the  girls when we tailgated (on a recruiting visit).”

Green has played with both of them for several years in AAU. Count her as a big Robins’ fan.

“We have been through a lot together. Her passing skills are unreal. I just love playing with Seygan. Always have,” Green said. “We have a lot of chemistry when we play. Her passing, her shooting. She is just fun to play with. Every time I saw them, I was like, ‘Come to UK.’ But they will both do great at Louisville.

“It is a loaded class. I just know whoever gets it (Miss Basketball), deserves it. I will be happy if I get it or if any of the other girls get it because they have worked for it and we have been best buddies. Maybe it can be a three-way tie and have three Miss Basketballs.”

Green’s mother, Harlan County coach Debbie Moore, says there are other deserving candidates in the “loaded” senior class as well and thinks there are at least six or seven viable candidates going into the season.

“You can’t control the vote no matter how much you campaign, so they all just need to be proud of what they have accomplished. Being Miss Basketball does not define your career, but it can be icing on the cake. I remember how happy I was in high school just to be a Kentucky all-star (that played Indiana). Miss Basketball is a big thing, but just to be in the mix for the award this year is a big thing and all the girls should feel good about that.”

Mercer faces another demanding schedule this season and know repeating as state champion is not done often, even with five of last year’s top six players back. Mercer is ranked No. 1 going into the season, but the schedule could help Robins’ statewide recognition with Miss Basketball voters.

“This year it will be a lot of the same fast pace and quick shots in transition, but one thing that might be different is our ability to also slow the game down if needed,” Robins said. “Last year we typically only went one pace and that was fast but this year being more mature and with a lot of senior leaders, I look for us to be able to play any style needed to compete.”

Robins has been the team’s leading scorer. That doesn’t figure to change even though she’s more than willing to share the basketball. She won’t pad stats to try and win Miss Basketball even though she says that has been a dream for her just like it has been for Robinson, Green and others.

“It would be rewarding. I’m thankful for just being nominated,” Robinson said about Miss Basketball. “I want to win this for all the younger kids that look up to me, and for my family, and myself. I think the competition is close. All the girls up for Miss Basketball are really good players, especially Seygan. It’s going to be a tough decision.”

What was not a tough decision for Robins was to sign her scholarship papers Monday at the high school at the same time four senior teammates — Emma Davis, Emmy Souder, Faith Lake and Lexy Lake — also signed their college scholarship forms.

They have played together since grade school. Not signing as a group would just not have been who they are.

Souder signed with Northernn Kentucky, Davis with Tennessee-Martin and the Lake twins with Campbellsville after turning down Division I offers.

“I think we each have played a big role in each other’s basketball careers since before middle school. We’ve always pushed each other to be at our best on the court, and I think it just makes sense that we shared this day as well,” Robins said.

Coach Chris Souder expected that.

“That’s just the way these girls are. They do everything together. That’s a big part of what makes our team special,” he said. “They really like being together. They like practicing, playing games, studying, everything.”

Those memories are ones Robins — and the others — will cherish long after they have left Mercer.

“Winning state was obviously an incredible experience but I would not say it’s what I’ll remember best from this group of seniors. Honestly, what I’m going to remember most is the day to day practices, the inside jokes, locker room memories, and the awful hell sessions we’ve endured together,” Robins said.

“We will be pretty spread out going into college but I don’t doubt that we will all still remain friends throughout college. I can’t imagine not being friends after everything we’ve been through together.”