Ag notes, Nov. 21; Essential traits for effective management

Published 9:34 am Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Challenges occur on a regular basis for many farm and agribusiness managers across the state; however, effective managers utilize their knowledge and skills to alleviate or eliminate the effects of these challenges. While top managers possess several positive traits, good leadership and record-keeping skills are vital to their operations.

Every day managers are responsible for interacting with employees, family members, customers and suppliers. As an effective manager, you should understand that management and leadership go hand in hand. Instead of just “running” a farm or agricultural business, good managers must motivate their employees. In addition, managers should not be afraid to delegate tasks as needed. By valuing their input and opinions, managers are more likely to see employees perform at their highest levels.

Information is everywhere for farm and agribusiness managers. While the amount of production, marketing and financial information needed to run a successful business can burden even the best managers, effective managers collect and sort through what they need, what they don’t need and use what they have to improve future decisions. Many times the most useful information comes from records generated within your own business. Therefore, be sure to keep track of inputs used, outputs produced, costs incurred and revenues generated to make informed decisions.

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Being an effective manager can not only make your agricultural operation more efficient but also more profitable. For more information on agribusiness management, contact the Boyle County Cooperative Extension Service.

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Jerry Little, County Extension Agent for Agriculture/Natural Resources