Property transfers, Nov. 22

Published 12:05 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Jeremy and Lee A. Shepherd to Anthony and Krista Tudor, lot in Bluegrass Estates Subdivision, $319,500.

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Belva Bodner to Jerry W. and Marcella Coyle, 1.458 acres in Boyle County, $27,500.

Tayler M. Williams to Ricky L. Lunsford, two lots in Rolling Hills Subdivision, $89,000.

Bluth Development LLC to Joel and Taruah Lowe, property in Boyle County, $150,000.

Clark Properties and Development LLC to Judith A. Sweeney, as trustee of the Judith A. Sweeney Revocable Living Trust, tract in Walnut Street Commons, $160,000.

Jeffrey C. and Michelle Carver to Carver Group Inc., by and through Jeffrey C. Carver, managing member, property on Ben Ali Dr., $18,000.

Jeffrey C. and Michelle Carver to Carver Group Inc, by and through Jeffrey C. Carver, managing member, property on Ben Ali Dr., $18,000.

Joyce and Samuel A. Glasscock, Jr., to Edwin and Laura Glasscock, 35.888 acres in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $30,000.

Matthew K. and Amy D. Robbins to Roger O’Hair, 2.001 acres in Boyle County, $46,000.

Jared Smith to Jeremey L. Caudill, lot in Clearview Subdivision, $87,500.

Bob and Janet Orms to Roger O’Hair, 1.269 acres in Boyle County, $49,000.

Joedy Sharpe Construction Co. to Christopher J. and Jamie S. Gilbert, property on Max Cavnes Road, $194,900.

Robert Toadvine to James M. and Tammy B. Moore, 1.2 acres in Boyle County, $25,000.

William H. Meany to Ross and Allison Nolan, 6.548 acres in Boyle County, $60,000.

David E. and Ann P. Royalty to John Randy Cooper, and Gayle Emro Cooper, lot in Boyle County, $172,500.

Travis L. Bodner, administrator of estate of Howard Bodner, Jeremy Dale Bodner, Austin Bodner, estate of Cameron Hayden Bodner through Tracey Bodner, guardian, estate of Alexis Skye Bodner, through Tracey Bodner, guardian and Coty Howard Bodner to Austin Bodner, Gary Denson and Sherry Denson, 16.5 acres on White Oak Turnpike, $118,000.

Michael W. Arnold to Alan W. Arnold, lot in Scenic View Estates Subdivision, gift; fair cash value,$72,400.

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Dustin Harmon, property on Baughman Avenue, $34,000.

Thomas J. and Karen H. Wright to David K. and Tina M. McMannis, three tracts in Boyle County, $199,900.

Bassam and Dawn B. Zamrik to Cartus Financial Corporation, two parcels in Old Bridge Subdivision, $357,500.

Cartus Financial Corporation to John A. and Debra D. Young, two parcels in Old Bridge Subdivision, $357,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Edward S. and Marian Z. Nolt to Rodger E. Patterson, two lots in Flat Woods Estates, $14,850.

Charlotte Drake to Noel’s Chapel First Church of God, property on Chicken Gizzard Road, gift; fair cash value, $6,000.

Morris Bryant to Ronald B. and Melissa Vaughn, parcel in Bartle Heights Addition, $35,000.

Carolyn M. and Jerry Overstreet and Bobby Jo Wilson to Holly J. and Sidney J. Bryan III, four tracts in Casey County, $119,900.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Jesse R. Tuggle to Dwaina G. and Bryant Tuggle, three tracts containing 2.48 acres, $115,000.

Alvin T. and Brenda S. Mansfield to Lena and Monte Boots, lot in Camp Dick Acres Subdivision, $210,000.

Vivian Ford and Martina Whittaker, co-administrators with will annexed of estate of Hazel Goins to Danna Investments, LLC, lot on Price Court, $62,150.

Vicki L. and Ken T. Gibson to SaraVard L. VonGruenigan, three tracts in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $225,000.

Vicki L. and Ken T. Gibson to SaraVard L. Von Gruenigan, tract in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $50,000.

Eric and Jennifer Caldwell to Jonathan R. Watkins, lots in Hager “Hagan” Court Addition, $117,500.

BJ Arnold Rentals, LLC to John and Susan Arnold, 3.44 acres on Fall Lick Road, property transfer; fair cash value, $1,700.

John and Susan Arnold to William J. Arnold, two tracts on Fall Lick Pike, property transfer; fair cash value, $27,500.

Bradley H. Smith to Larry and Rebecca Forman, lot in Homestead Herrington Subdivision, $45,000.

Cory T. and Jenna K. Jones to Becky Whitehouse, 3.97 acres in Garrard County, property transfer; fair cash value, $8,000.

21st Mortgage Corporation to Rhoda Avanelle K. Lawson, two parcels on Joe Damrell Road, $25,000.

Gregory S. and Lavonnia J. Bush to Luther G. and Eulanda F. Curry, property on Old U.S. 27, $25,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Johnny and Carol Jo Reed to Johnny R. and Ruth A. Sims, property on Danville Pike, Hustonville, $35,000.

Craig Wayne and Hannah Chaney to Ann Chaney Wood, two tracts off Ky. 198, near McKinney, gift; fair cash value, $327,000.

Charles and Ann Chaney Wood to Craig Wayne Chaney, property on the McKinney and Middleburg Pike, gift and assumption of mortgage indebtedness; fair cash value, $257,600.

Cheyenne Caudill to Elizabeth Caudill, 9.608 acres on Garrison Road, gift; fair market value, $34,000.

Elizabeth Caudill to Cheyenne Caudill, 7.909 acres off Pond School Road and 5.9 acres off Ellison Road, gift; fair market value, $29,000.

Janetta Ledford to Harold and Lisa Ledford, 1.016 acres off Rigsby Road, $25,000.

Doris and James Felts to Darrel and Lois Horst, property on Ky. 328, $13,500.

Bryan and Brooke Hart to Brian Phillips, lot No. 16, Phase 3, Foster’s Lane Residential Development, $116,000.

David Alan Gooch and Stanley Clay Gooch, as co-trustees of The Gooch Family Trust, to Scott Alan and Patricia Eileen McClanahan, property at intersection of Angel Ridge Road and Ky. 501, $110,000.

Whitaker Bank Inc., George B. Burton and Crystal K. Burton, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Stacy Scott, 1.097 acres on Old Ottenheim Road, $26,200.

Richard Lee Hogue to David M. and Ashley Carter, lots No. 29 and No. 30 in Eaton Subdivision, $79,500.

Jack and Jane McKinney to Robert A. Jr. and Rubie Morin, two parcels on Ky. 39, containing 8.367 acres, $145,000.

Colin R. and Marylin S. Raitiere to David Nathan and Sylvia Craig, lot No. 11 of Elliott Estates Subdivision, $119,500.

Mark E. and Sherri L. Davis to John Kevin II and Megan Brooke Williams, property on Herndon Avenue, $74,000.

Teresa Stevens to Tina Gail Bowlng, 0.33 of an acre on Ky. 39, $4,000.

Shawn Williams to Shawn and Debra Ann Williams, two parcels in Neals Creek section, gift; fair cash value, $95,700.

Chris and Angela Benedict to Christopher Lee and Angela Jean Benedict, two parcels on Ky. 39 containing 3.971 acres, survivorship deed.

William H. Watson to Christopher Lee and Angela Jean Benedict, two parcels on Ky. 39 containing 5.409 acres, $30,000.

Jason D. and Luci Smith to James D. Smith, three tracts on U.S. 27 and Old U.S. 27, gift; fair cash value, $16,000.

Joseph and Peggy M. Scalf to Jennifer McComas and Charity Dewes Phillips, 0.141 of an acre on Lancaster Street, Crab Orchard, gift; fair cash value, $30,000.

Richie M. Richey to Gail A. and Timothy J. Lass, two tracts on Ky. 643, containing 3.14 acres, $152,000.

Carrie Miniard to John K. and Edna M. Miniard, 4.27 acres lying south of Walnut Grove School Road, property transfer, fair market value, $4,000.

6 MC, LLC, to Stephen J. and Lecia M. True, property on Railroad Street, Hustonville, and 0.533 of an acre on Bowen Spurr Road, $60,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Kenny R. Vinyard to Daniel A. Hall, property in Mercer County, $3,000.

Doris Watts and Debra Watts to Kenny B. and Eulaine C. Goodpaster, five acres in Mercer County, $220,000.

Harold D. and Helen F. Baker to Eric and Myranda Moore, property on Cane Run Street, $25,000.

Frances R. Stratton to Nancy P. and Horace M. Stratton III, property on Harvest Lane, gift; fair market value, $146,114.

William A. and Joanna H. Stevens and WRH Investments, LLC to David J. and Nancy E. Mangus, lot in Salvisa Heights Subdivision, $220,000.

Jana L. Brown, by John Caldwell, attorney-in-fact, to Scott F. Wallace and Hollis B. Grady, two tracts in Meadowbrook Estates, $344,000.

Leroy M. and Marlene Darland to Christopher L. Cason and Sharon R. Hallock, three tracts in Mercer County, $63,600.

Sandra C. and Marion R. Inman to Leonna and Brian Lay, 5.99 acres in Mercer County, gift; fair cash value, $3,000.

Tony and Marlene Warner to Amy L. Mullins, property in Mercer County, $74,000.

Judith R. Royalty to William and Amanda Rulon, property in Mercer County, $116,900.

Hettie R. Harless and Jere D. Odell, as co-executors of estate of Delmer Odell and Hettie R. Harless and Jere D. Odell, co-executors of estate of Delores Odell to Hettie R. and Kyle Harless, 1.28 acres on Tewmey Lane, property transfer; fair market value, $165,000.

Virgie Long to John Senese and Brandi Sanders, two tracts on Kirkwood Road, Salvisa, $79,500.

Jeanne Brogle to Deana and Berke Lyons, property on Old Louisville Road, Salvisa, $40,000.

Whitaker Bank, Inc. to Harvey and Karen Coontz, 15 acres on Oakland Lane, $25,000.