ELECTION 2018: Dean, Mayes file for races

Published 10:07 am Saturday, November 25, 2017

Two more have filed for the 2018 election in Boyle County:

• Lynne Pierce Dean, Democrat, incumbent, Boyle County Attorney, 11085 Springfield Road Perryville.

• Richard “Dickie” Mayes, Democrat, incumbent, Magistrate District 1, 2505 Harberson Lane Danville.

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Dean became Boyle County Attorney in April 2017, after Richard Campbell retired following 14 years of service as county attorney; she was the assistant county attorney for nine years prior to that.

Mayes became magistrate in August 2011. He was appointed after the passing of Mickey Harmon. He later won an election in November to finish the term and has held the position consecutively since and served as a Perryville City Council Member for one term, prior to moving out the city.

Filings to date include:

Boyle County Attorney: Incumbent Lynne Pierce Dean, Democrat, and Christopher K. Herron, Republican.

Boyle County Clerk: Trille L. Bottom, Democrat.

Boyle County Coroner: Don Hamner, Republican, incumbent.

Boyle County Jailer: Dewayne Taylor, Democrat, Brian Wofford, Democrat.

Boyle County Judge Executive: Gary Chidester, Democrat; Lynn Harmon, Republican.

Boyle County Magistrate, District 1, Richard “Dickie” Mayes, Democrat, incumbent; District 2, Donnie Coffman, Democrat, incumbent; District 3, Phillip R. Sammons, Democrat, incumbent; District 4, Jack Hendricks, Democrat, incumbent; District 6, John B. Caywood, Democrat, incumbent.

Boyle County Property Valuation Administrator: Eddie Tamme, Democrat.

Boyle County Sheriff: Christopher Derek Robbins, Democrat.

Circuit Court Clerk: Cortney Shewmaker, Democrat.