Sheriff should pursue marijuana arrests

Published 9:04 am Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dear Editor,

It is SUCH a relief to know that the Boyle County Sheriff supports marijuana — not just for medical purposes — but that he also turns a blind eye to illegal recreational use.

That is unacceptable.

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I know that speaking out against pot isn’t popular these days and, personally, I believe in a “live and let live” approach to most things. With that being said, if changes need to happen, they need to happen by changing the law. That’s the legislative branch’s job.

I find it alarming that a supposed “leader” in our law enforcement community admits publicly that he doesn’t enforce the law — and doesn’t plan to — because he doesn’t see it as something that affects our community. 

Our current sheriff was quoted in your recent front page article saying, “I don’t know the last time we charged anybody with (possession of marijuana). It’s just not on our radar as something that’s affecting this community like the opiates and stuff like that.”

The job of sheriff of Boyle County IS NOT to determine which crimes are ignored and which criminals get a pass. His job is to uphold the laws as they are written. His job is to charge people with possession of illegal substances. His job is to keep such activities ON his radar.

Instead, this sheriff has invited drug dealers and drug users into our community by publicly announcing that he has not been going after them and has no intention to do so. 

The role of sheriff is to enforce the law, to fully investigate all crimes, and to make sure criminals are prosecuted. It is not his place to make judgments, that’s the role of the judiciary arm of government.

Derek Robbins needs to get in his lane and do his job, or we need to elect someone who will.

Angela Allen