Admirals, Rebels rally behind community support

Published 3:25 pm Friday, December 1, 2017

The Danville community is ready for state championships.

This weekend could be the first time Boyle County and Danville each win state football championships since 2003. Downtown Danville has been painted in black and gold, blue and silver, in support of the teams.

Both Danville and Boyle County have practiced at Centre College this week to prepare for their championship games this weekend.

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It’s a big benefit for both teams — different hash marks, different goalposts and, for the Admirals, a different field surface.

“For us, it’s going to be our first game on turf,” Danville head coach Clay Clevenger said. “It’s our first in a long time. You just try to get used to those college hashes, the college uprights with your kickers. I think that’s the most important, getting used to the actual turf and how it feels under your feet.”

Boyle head coach Chuck Smith said it’s good to get into a college stadium and focus on the upcoming game.

“It’s a college field. The hash marks are different, the goalposts are different. It’s just been a good experience, we appreciate Centre letting us come over and do that,” Smith said. “It’s been good for us to be on that kind of field, the kind of field that we’re going to play on. The kids have enjoyed that as well.”

Both coaches were excited about the prospect about the other team being in the state championship and the “Title Town” nickname restored.

“Danville has got a great opportunity I think to win a state championship,” Smith said. “They’ve done such a good job over there, Clay has done a great job of coaching those guys up. They’ve got a really nice team. Of course, we played them earlier in the year and we got beat. I’m not sure we would be where we are right now if we hadn’t lost that game. I’m really not sure. I think that game got us on the right path. We wish them all the luck in the world.”

Clevenger said that no matter who wins or loses, this weekend — and football season — has been a win for the community.

“It’d be great for our community,” he said. “I know coach Smith is going to have his guys ready to play and go out to there and do their best, and we hope to have our guys out there to play and do their best. If we both win, I think it’s great for our community. If we both don’t, it’s great for our community. If one wins and one doesn’t, it’s great for our community.

“I think people underestimate how hard it is to get to these spots and how much work is involved from the coaches, the players and a lot of support people to get into these situations. We’re very fortunate here in Danville for that, and I think sometimes it can spoil you. These aren’t easy tasks, and we should celebrate both of these teams regardless. I think that’s important.”