From our files, Dec. 2

Published 1:55 am Saturday, December 2, 2017

100 YEARS AGO — 1917

In these days of high-cost flour, one would not think that there is a piece of bread in this county that is over 20 years old, but there is. It is in the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Cummins, of Preachersville. It was made by Mrs. Cummins when she was Miss Vessie Anderson, to prove to her beau, who later married her, that she was a good cook. Mr. Cummins brought the biscuit to Danville and showed it to this reporter. Our Preachersville friend can truthfully say that he has not been without bread in 20 years.

The Boyle County Fiscal Court has opened a stone quarry on the farm of W.C. Carpenter in the suburbs of Perryville where they will get all the metal needed to macadamize all the roads leading out of Perryville. The stone is of fine quality and there is an ample supply to last several years.

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We hear of a great deal of petty thieving. The shoplifters are more active than usual. The watchers in many stores are capturing the pilferers and making them disgorge their plunder. The offices of lawyers, doctors, insurance agents, etc. have been entered and gold pens, gloves, umbrellas and many trifles of value only to owners are taken. These activities are fairly chargeable to the high cost of living and the inevitable demoralization following war as is every other live thing.

Of course everybody wants to and is helping to make socks and sweaters for the soldiers, but to come right down to brass tacks, this practice of knitting during church services is just a little too far. We don’t think the sanctuary is a place to labor, especially when you are supposed to be offering devotion to Almighty God. Cut your club or picture show one night a week and make up the time to be spent working in church.

75 YEARS AGO — 1942

All banks in Danville remained open yesterday during the noon hour for the first time in many years. The new working day for bank employees now runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with no closing for the lunch hour period.

An honorary membership has been conferred upon Calvin M. Fackler, local historian and author of “Early Days in Danville” by the Eugene Field Society of St. Louis, Missouri.

The Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a “Share-The-Ride” program to assist in the transportation problem in Boyle County. Anyone driving to a neighboring city who has a spare seat in his car is asked to give a lift to one who desires to go to the same destination and is unable because of the gasoline rationing to use their own vehicle. A register will be left at the desk of the Gilcher Hotel where one wishing to share his car may call and list his proposed trip giving the date and seats available. This is not meant to aid those seeking a trip for pleasure, but only those needing transportation for business purposes.

A small chaste, white marble monument of great beauty was dedicated this morning with five acres of ground comprising the Wallace Memorial addition to Belleview Cemetery in memory of Cornelia Irvine Wallace, the gift of her husband, Joseph McDowell Wallace, former mayor of Danville.

50 YEARS AGO — 1967

At the regular weekly meeting at the Danville Lions Club, President Lloyd McBee reported that revenue of the annual radio auction over WHIR is about $4,400, making it the club’s most successful air auction.

Michael Wood Glover, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Glover of Highfield Road, and a junior at the University of Kentucky, has been notified of his acceptance as a student in the U.K. College of Medicine in the fall of 1968, when he would normally have been a senior-year student. He is a 1965 graduate of Danville High School.

Advertisement from the office of City Administrator: Notice to the public; For your information, city ordinances require a license to conduct a dance in the city limits. Fee is $1.

Advertisement from the Hub Frankel department store: Merry Christmas to a Boy Scout…He wants an official gift from Hub Frankel’s Scout Shop. It’s a moment a Boy Scout never forgets. The moment when he opens a bright colored package and out out pops an official Scout gift — a piece of new equipment, a model kit or something to wear. See the whole display at the Hub Frankel Boys’ mezzanine.

25 YEARS AGO — 1992

Jerry Simpson, Tom Walker and Salvation Army advisory board member Irvine Fox raised the Army’s fund raising drive Christmas tree sign at the corner of Main and Fourth streets recently. The tree will mark donations received by the organization during the holiday season. Ad-Mart of Danville constructed and donated the sign.

Comedienne Holly Henson has returned to Danville from Los Angeles and has brought her stand-up comedy routine to the Bluegrass for the first time. Holly is the daughter of Eben and Charlotte Henson who own the Pioneer Playhouse. Although Henson never anticipated a career in stand-up comedy while growing up, she said she often reaches back to advice from her high school art teacher, Barbara “Can’t means won’t” Reynierson, as well as lessons learned from eight years in band under director Gill Gravely.

Three brothers make up their own team within the Danville High School football team, which will be playing Mayfield Friday afternoon in Louisville for the Class AA state championship. They are, in a way, a microcosm of the team itself. One is among the stats, one is a role player and one is a reserve just beginning his high school career. They are: Nathan, a senior, is Danville’s second-leading rusher and one of the team’s top defensive backs; Todd, a sophomore, is the Admirals’ primary return man on kickoffs and a backup running back; and Corey, a freshman, is a reserve running back who hopes to make a name for himself in the future.