Standard of safety: National Office wins Governor’s award

Published 9:09 am Saturday, December 2, 2017

National Office Furniture was awarded the Governor’s Safety and Health Award on Friday, with a special presentation before some of the Danville plant’s 200 employees.

Commissioner Ervin Dimeny of the Department of Workplace Standards with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet told workers making those presentations was “the best part of my job.”

“It would not be possible without the employees,” Dimeny said, telling employees safety was part of the culture.

Kendra Peek/
Boyle County Judge-executive Harold McKinney addresses employees of National Office Furniture, congratulating them on their award, while Plant Manager Mike Potter listens.

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National Office Furniture in Danville received the award for having reached over 500,000 hours without any reportable injuries in a 24-month period. Plant Manager Mike Potter said they had reached over 600,000 hours as of Friday morning.

“It’s not for me. It’s your award,” Potter said. He told employees they had achieved the hours because they “take pride” in the work they do.

Boyle County Judge-executive Harold McKinney, Danville Mayor Mike Perros, Danville City Commissioner Rick Serres and other members of the Kentucky Labor Department were on hand.

“Good for you. I’m delighted. You are setting a standard for Boyle County. Give yourself a hand,” McKinney said to cheering employees.

He told them safety programs were only effective if there was “employee buy-in,” which there was at National Office Furniture.

Perros also thanked the employees for their work.

“You should be proud,” he said.

National Office Furniture builds couches, chairs and other office furnishings. The company launched in 1980. 

The Danville plant was formerly Jackson Chair, which was purchased by National Office in 1999.

Kendra Peek/
Ervin Dimeny, commissioner with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, left, looks EHS Today with Vince Cook, director of Safety and Security with National Office Furniture before the ceremony. National Office Furniture was recognized by EHS Today as one of America’s safest companies.

Kendra Peek/
Tim Shockley, Donjeleak Martin and Elisa Jackson look at the Governor’s Safety and Health Award earned by National Office Furniture in Danville. The three are members of the 12-person Safety Employee Engagement Model team, consisting of people from across the factory who are tasked with encouraging and monitoring safety.