Property Transfers, Dec. 6

Published 5:13 pm Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:
Leslie G. and Granville B. Williams to Krystal W. Floyd and Kelly Williams, two parcels in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $10,000.
Wesley V. and Ariel D. Carter to Jordyn R. Bocook and Lisa Allen, lot in Argyll Woods Subdivision, $110,000.
Clark Properties and Development, LLC to Charles Watson, tracts in Walnut Street Commons, $166,000.
Marcia R. Kramp to Gile and Mary K. Cochran, property in Paula Heights Subdivision, $136,700.
Glyn D. Kerbaugh and Anne H. Kerbaugh to Simms W. Kerbaugh, lot in Indian Hills Subdivision, $175,000.
Mary Jo Shearer to Edward L. and Mildred S. Robinson, lot in Thomas Morgan Development, $15,000.
Joyce and Mark Pierce, Elizabeth Jones and Beverly Brown to Carballales, Inc., property in Boyle County, $40,000.
Jack Tussey and Helen Tussey to Sarah S. Hall, property in Owens Court Subdivision, $251,000.
Eddie J. and Barbara J. Caldwell to Caldwell Brothers, LLC, .852 of an acre on Lebanon Road, $475,000.
Bryan G. and Cheri R. Bevill to Dale O’Bryan and Shelly O’Bryan, two tracts in Boyle County, $130,000.
Holly L. Samson to Ronald W. and Brenda W. Brown, property on High Street, $15,000.
Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:
Cumberland Security Bank and Sandra Wesley, through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner, to Mark A. Brown and Winford Brown, property on Ky. 70, $8,000.
Joyce and Johnny Maupin to Dereck S. and Samantha J. Falconbury, property on Dry Ridge Road, gift; fair market value, $1,500.
Margaret C. Staples to Gladys A. Gibson, tract in Casey County, $26,000.
Tammy L. and Frankie E. Luttrell and Dennis W. and Tonya R. Roy to Dennis W. and Tonya R. Roy, property on Thomas Ridge Road, property transfer; fair cash value, $1,500.
Gregory L. and Virginia K. Means to Stephanie D. Means, three tracts in Casey County, $10,000.
Suzanne Luttrell to Charles D. Hensley-Fielder and Jeannie Hensley-Fielder, 26.327 acres in Casey County, $240,000.
Audrey M. and Marion L. Atwood Jr. to Veltha L. Atwood, property in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $250,000.
Veltha L. Atwood, by Marion L. Atwood, Jr., power of attorney to Connie Murphy, property in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $250,000.
Kennethia Thomas to Renee E. Thomas, property in Casey County, gift; fair market value, $18,000.
Larry Pendleton to Montina R. Hatfield, property on Riffe Creek Road, $10,000.
Gregory P. and Carla J. Hogue to James M. and Jessica D. Hogue, parcel in Casey County, $134,000.
Penny McNulty, administrator of estate of Thomas Mark Tarter to Jesse and Roni Gilpin, two tracts on Knob Lick Creek, $32,500.
Freddie R. and Joy A. Cain to Jimmy D. Greer, tract in Casey County, $8,000.
Connie S. Pittman to Steven Z. Pittman, two acres in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $3,000.
Casey County Bank, Rodney L. Crawley, Sonya S. Crawley, Andrew Richardson, Sharon Richardson, Prestige Financial Services, Inc., and Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance, through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner to Billy R. and Reginia K. Johnson, parcel on Big South Rolling Fork at Jacktown, $5,500.
Dylan O. Haste, Carroll R. Haste and Gene and Tammy G. Sweet, through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner to Gene L. and Tammy G. Sweet and Carroll R. Haste, parcel on Rock Lick Road, Bethelridge, $78,000.
Donnie Rich to Rose Waskom, property on Moxley Road in Adair County, property transfer; fair cash value, $500.
Rose Waskom to Donnie Rich, property on Moxley Road in Adair County, property transfer; fair cash value, $500.
Eric W. Townsend and Alyssa S. Pearce to Chris E. and Brandy S. Roy, property on Ky. 70, $121,000.
Gerald and Lucille Burton Family Revocable Living Trust to Burton Family Irrevocable Trust, property in Casey County, property transfer; fair cash value, $824,000.
Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:
Jonathan B. Smith and Anne Montgomery to Jessica and Brandon Waford, property in Bright Leaf Subdivision, $167,500.
Mahaffey Quick Lube, Incorporated to Dapeca, LLC, tract in Garrard County, $270,000.
Michael and Pamela Fathergill to Elizabeth L. Adams and Lucy L. Adams, property on Hill Court, $40,000.
Mark and Karen Saylor and Anthony and Deborah Saylor to Rick Saylor, property on Dripping Springs Road, $1,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to E Squared LLC, property on Settlement Drive, $107,000.
Karen P. and Gary L. Laster, Sr. to Aleksandr and Liliya Say, by their attorney-in-fact Nataliya Martynyuk, lot in Nature’s Trace Subdivision, $300,000.
John W. and Julie W. Teater to Bob Turpin, property on Fall Lick Pike, $390,000.
Charles E. and Margaret J. Burton to Cliffton L. Yocum and Sheri A. Hume, lot in Merriwood Estates Subdivision, $130,000.
Debra R. Philpott to Jane Harges, lot in Hamilton Springs Subdivision, $168,000.
Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:
Commonwealth Credit Union Inc., Linda Cameron, Lon Cameron, PBK Bank and Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Lincoln, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Commonwealth Credit Union Inc., 0.403 acre off Ky. 590, $17,500.
H.R. III and Barbara Saufley to Royal and Komal Patel, lot No. 2 of Vista Court Subdivision, $25,000.
Margaret A. and James T. Crunkleton III to The Betty Vaughan Campbell Revocable Living Trust, two tracts on Ky. 3276, $2,116.41; fair cash value, $3,300.
Samuel S. Mast and Samuel A. and Susie Ellen Mast to Deborah and John Hurni, 22.233 acres on Ky. 39, $120,000.
Deena Messer to Kevin S. Lenoir, property on Lee Drive, $85,000.
Edward G. May, as master commissioner, to Frank and Brenda Hoeck, 1.79 acres on Pine Grove Road, a default judgment in title proceeding; fair cash value, $10,000.
Linda L. Phillips to James & Co., LLC, lot No. 12 on Firebrook Drive, $62,500.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, 0.353 acre on Green River Road, $10; fair market value, $39,480.
Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, Samuel W. Goens, Tanya R. Goens, a.k.a. Tanya R. Miracle, and Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC,through Edward G. May, master commissione, to Uneida Johnson, lot No. 29, Phase 2, Hanging Fork Subdivision, $87,500.
James D. Morgan to Marlene R. and Clarence Roller, lot No. 18, Phase 1, Baughman Ridge Subdivision, $60,000.
Gary Duncil to Lee Ann Toadvine, one-third interest in lot No. 7, North Moreland Place, Phase 1, gift; fair cash value, $2,666.67.
The heirs of Robin Duncil, namely India Nicole and Rob Tharp, Emilie Duncil, Spencer Houston and Tiffany Houston, to Lee Ann Toadvine, lot No. 7, North Moreland Place, Phase 1, gift and in consideration of grantee having paid funeral bill for father; fair cash value of interest conveyed, $2,666.67.
Lee Ann Toadvine to William and Cynthia A. Kirkpatrick, lot No. 7, North Moreland Place, Phase 1, $8,000.
Jansen Upchurch to J & O Enterprises, LLC, property off the Eubank and Ellison Road, $30,000.
B.C. Allen, Brandi and Stephen Ritchie, Pamela and Johnny Pendergrist and Barry Allen to Rebecca Ann Ewing and Deena Marie Messer, tract 21 of Nature’s Gate, Section 1, on Ky. 1247, $151,000.
Debbie Wilson, formerly known as Debbie Bullock, and Mike Wilson to Bennie Bullock, 1.0086 acres on Caney Creek Road, $1,000.
Kentucky Housing Corporation to Scott Porter, two tracts on the Crab Orchard and Waynesburg Road, $30,325.
Melinda F. Hope, executor of the Linda G. Maxey estate, to Perry Ralph Easterling III, lots No. 73 and No. 74 of Eaton Subdivision, located on Orchard Drive, $133,000.
Beneficial Kentucky Inc. to Kyle D. Hester, 8.78 acres on Ky. 1781, $105,000.
Tom Hewlett, as executor of the Judith Turner estate, to Paul B. Osborne, lot No. 10, Section 1, Halls Gap Estates Subdivision, $23,480; fair cash value of property conveyed, $69,980.
CURU, LLC, to Stanford Foodmart, LLC, lots No. 2 and No. 3, Payton’s Run Development, Phase 1, off U.S. 127, $1,990,000.
Cooper Real Estate, LLC, to Stanford Foodmart, LLC, lot No. 1, Payton’s Run Development, Phase 1, off U.S. 127, $110,000.
The estate of Sherman Lowell Sowers, through Patricia Diane Robertson, Debbie Gayle Sowers Morris and Robin Sowers McArter, as co-executrixes of Lowell’s estate, to William H. and Reba I. Robertson, two acres on Ky. 501, $68,200.
Edna F. Lane to William P. Frisby-Lane and M. Wade Lane, lot No. 5, Kriss Meadows Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $56,000.
Garrard Properties, LLC, to James and Ginske Hogue, lot No. 73 in Land of Goshen Subdivision, located on U.S. 27, $75,500.
U.S. Bank, N.A., to Terry A. and Robert S. Davis, 2.34 acres on Ky. 643, $11,999.
Joseph D. Asbery to David M. and Juanita A. Couch, property on West Main Street, Hustonville, $10,000.
Bobby G. Adams to Everardo and Carla Jaramillo, 0.428 acre off Bowen Road, gift; fair cash value, $500.
M. Wade Lane toWilliam P. Frisby-Lane, lot No. 5, Kriss Meadows Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $28,000.
Odell and Wanda F. Kirkpatrick and Dale and Linda Kirkpatrick to Carol Johnson, 9.2111 acres beginning at the junction of U.S. 150 and Cedar Ridge Road, $76,000.
Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:
Terry L. Lewis and Mavalyn I. Lewis to Timothy and Crystal Darland, two tracts on Cornishville Road, $91,000.
Thomas H. and Brenda J. Chapman to David B. Pennington, property in Bacon Court Extended Subdivision, $87,500.
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., to Joel Ragland, property on Dossett Lane, $50,000.
Tim White to Bradley Logan, two tracts in Mercer County, $125,000.
Susan K. and James D. Wysong, to Julie A. Wysong, trustee of the James D. Wysong and Susan K. Wysong Family Trust, lot in Bellair Estate Subdivision, property transfer; fair market value, $70,000.
Virgil and Mary L. Milton to Landon A. and Samantha Miller, two lots in Lakeview Subdivision, $145,000.
Larry and Linda Lance to Keith A. and Geneva G. Perrin, lot in Lee Oak Estates, $32,000.
City of Harrodsburg, a Home Rue Municipal Corporation, by Eddie Long, as mayor, to Gary L. and Shirley A. Lowry, property on East Broadway, $505.
Ridgestone Properties LLC to Jesse A. and Emily A. West, property on U.S. 127, $178,000.
Ila K. Wylie to Lyne W. and Robert C. Tussey, Jr., lots in Paradise Acres, $60,000.
Charmaine K. Kern to Gary and Judy Rose, tract on Forsythe Road, $285,000.
Charles P. and LoraLee B. Coe to Christopher M. and Anne D. Howell, tract on Central Pike, $235,000.
Trudy Sutherland, Anne Boggs, through her attorney-in-fact Kathy White, Kathy and Charles D. White, Terry Sutherland and Ann H. Burton to James C. Murphy, lots in College Manor Subdivision, $112,000.
Wilma Lucas to Bryan K. Lucas, property on Depot Street, gift; fair market value, $34,720.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Richard S. Reed, lot in Brentwood Subdivision, $50,000.
Haggin Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc. to Ephraim McDowell Health Resource, Inc., property in Mercer County, $775,000.

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