Rebel Pride Photos Celebrating Boyle County’s Football Championship

Published 7:06 am Monday, December 11, 2017


Nick Walker (5), Sam Clark (71), and Hayden Shepherd (43) lead the way when receiving the state championship trophy. (Photo by Gary Wood)


Students at Junction City Elementary anxiously await for the Rebels to appear for the state week pep rally. (Photo by Taylor DeBord)


Throughout the week various football players and coaches visited the BRNNews room to interview with Larry Vaught from “Vaught’s Views.” The web journalism class then had the opportunity to upload their state week memories to their website (Photo by BRN staff)


Marquise Kinley, a running back and defensive back for the Rebels, does an awesome back flip showing the middle schoolers who is boss during the middle school vs. high school dance off during the Boyle Middle School Pep Rally. (Photo by Gary Wood)