Property transfers, Dec. 13

Published 9:59 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Monty and Margaret S. Major and Kendall and Sonja McCane to Karen Moore, lot in Wandering Hills Subdivision, $135,000.

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Walter and Patricia Croushorn, Ted and Barbara Croushorn, Thomas C. Bugg III, Joseph S. and Shelley Bugg, and James Ryan Bugg to Bluth Development, LLC, two lots in Junction City, $46,200.

Norris D. and Marilyn B. Holderman to Wesley V. Carter and Ariel E. Darnell, lot in Lannock Village, $195,000.

Roberta Gadberry to Tommy J. Gadberry, tract on White Oak Road, gift; fair market value, $48,000.

Todd and Karen Davis to Kimberly V. Reyes, lots in Beverly Hills Subdivision, $137,500.

Jason and Tori Gaffney to Alexus D. Doneghy, two lots in Colonial Heights Subdivision, $338,500.

Barry Holt, executor of the estate of Maxine Holt to Tarry and Tammy Holt, lot in End O Main Farm Development, $61,000.

Andrea M. Tompkins and Ahntoan D. Tompkins, through Andrea M. Tompkins, his attorney-in-fact, to Ralph E. Griswold and Janice C. Griswold, lot in Colonial Heights Subdivision, $339,000.

Tamera L. Ashmore to Bryan G. and Cheri R. Bevill, lot in Mocks Creek Manor Subdivision, $146,000.

Dwayne L. Brown and Kelly R. Tagarook-Brown, by Dwayne L. Brown, attorney-in-fact to Mary Whitehead, tract in George A. McRoberts Estate Subdivision, $60,000.

Douglas and Bobbie J. Sewell to Zhexiu Tu, lot in Mocks Creek Manor Subdivision, $178,000.

Ronald A. Wooley to Jason G. Powell,through John S. Powell, condominium unit in Argyll Woods Drive, $105,000.

Jeffrey S. and Sara E. Southerland to Steven and Mary J. Lownds, lot in Stone Hill Estates Subdivision, $375,000.

Birdie C. Case to Judy and Tim Reynolds, property on Lausman Ave., $7,000.

James D. and Susan K. Wysong to Julie A. Wysong, trustee of the James D. Wysong and Susan K. Wysong Family Trust, lot in Bluegrass Trace, property transfer; fair market value, $170,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

William L. Walls to Rebecca Stamper, four tracts on Brush Creek, $37,000.

Leamon and Thelma Sims to Beth-Clay Properties, LLC, property in Lincoln County, $95,000.

Jackie L. and Margaret Rodgers to Deborah Swinney, two lots in Flatwood Estates, $4,000.

Vicki Luttrell-Uppenkamp and Robert Uppenkamp and Sherri A. Stewart to Debra K. Luttrell, two tracts on Horse Fork Creek, property transfer; fair cash value, $25,000.

Vicki Luttrell-Uppenkamp and Robert Uppenkamp and Sherri A. Stewart, to Debra K. Lutrell, tract on Horse Fork Creek, property transfer; fair cash value, $47,000.

Terry A. and Sharlet F. Salyers to Marvin A. and Carolyn S. Johnson, tract on Green River, $140,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property on Moxley Road, property transfer; fair market value, $37,130.

Shannon Phelps and Gregory E. and Sharon K. Wethington, tracts near intersection of Ky. 70 and Calvery Ridge Road, $63,270.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Matthew A. and Nicole V. Roberts to Joshua L. Johnson and Jordan C. Johnson, lot in Rolling Meadows, $148,500.

Leonard W. and Versi B. Harrison to LVH Rentals, LLC, two parcels in Garrard County, property transfer; total fair market value, $130,000.

William V. and Cynthia J. Lanham to Audrey W. Good and Steven J. Rhodes, lot in Woodlawn Estates, $28,000.

Billy Joe Rigsby and Bobbie J. Rigsby Lane and Michael Lane to Billy Joe and Janice Rigsby, three acres in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $120,000.

CBT Real Estate Holdings, LLC to KPS Holdings LLC, property on Stanford Street, $300,000.

Brenda S. Coffey to Lyndon C. and Wanda Peck, property on Richmond Street, $55,000.

Laura L. Harvell to Thomas E. and Jodi D. Fulgham, tract on east side of Ky. 1666, $184,000.

Daniel R. and Melinda H. Harpe to New Homes by Harpe, LLC, lot in Cade’s Cove Subdivision, $18,000.

Joshua S. and Ashley N. Morgan to Heather M. and Gary S. White, lot in Tradeway Farms Subdivision, $199,900.

Billy and Linda Conner and George and Hazel Conner to William T. and Kathleen C. Ziegert, three tracts in Garrard County, $140,000.

Loyce Edgington and Lila Edgington, through Steven Tracy, to Edgeview Farms, Inc., through Charlie B. Edgington, 85.95 acres on Mt. Hebron Road, property transfer; fair cash value, $200,000.

Loyce Edgington and Lila Edgington, through Steven Tracy, by power of attorney, to Edgeview Farms, Inc., through Charlie B. Edgington, 14.39 acres on Mt. Hebron Road, property transfer; fair cash value, $85,000.

Wayne F. Williams to Jonah Joseph Nickel-Pfeifer, tract in the Harmons Lick area, gift; fair cash value, $10,000.

Margaret M. Pfeifer to Jeremy J. Pfeifer, 5.014 acres in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $5,000.

Patsy Jung to Jimmy L. Walton, property in Garrard County, $100,000.

Perdue Environmental Contracting Company, Inc. to Kyle B. and Christi M. Perdue, lot in Camp Dick Acres Subdivision, $199,000.

Nicole and Jerry Mullins and Heather and Darrell Atkins to Bob Turpin, parcel on Fall Lick Road, $5,000.

William P. and Peggy Riley to Michael D. and Dana M. Carrier, 15.966 acres on Kelly Ridge Road, $16,000.

Phillip C. and Paula Harding to Danelle Siler, parcel on Maple Avenue, $105,000.

Dean Egner to Peyton M. Absher, lot in Riverside Estates Subdivision, $74,500.

Leonard and Versi Harrison to LVH Rentals, LLC lot in Duncantown addition, property transfer; fair cash value, $24,000.

US Bank Trust to Herbert R. Barnes, Jr., lot in High Bridge Estates Subdivision, $50,000.

Corey Preston to David Bruner, 1.316 acres in the Garry League Division, $17,600.

Amanda M. Stipe and Jeffrey P. Stipe, Jr., to Travis Roller and Heather Miles, 4.54 acres in Garrard County, $270,000.

Tommy James L. Clark to Brady Barker, tract on West Buford Street, $35,000.

Wendell H. and Bethany A. Johnson to Andy and Ashley Saylor, two lots in Garrard County, $148,000.

Quail Run Developers, Inc. to Gerald and Tonya Grubbs, lot in Quail Run Subdivision, property transfer; fair cash value, $6,000.

MMT Development Company, LLC to Bradley and Lisa Hollifield, two lots in River Run Estates, Phase II, $272,400.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Rose Mary Durham to Caleb J. and Tabitha Ruckel, 18.024 acres on Ky. 518, $48,000.

Rose Mary Durham to Caleb J. and Tabitha Ruckel, 0.272 acre on Ky. 518, $1.

Jeremy Daniel and Ruth Evelyn Gilliam to Kenneth Wayne Jr. and Victoria Paige Hall, 15 acres on Ky. 3246, $199,900.

Jeff and Louise Curtis to Desiree Hogue, lot No. 4 of Rolling Acres Subdivision, $131,000.

William Don and Margaret Stephens to William Don and Margaret Stephens and Lawrence Douglas Stephens, lot on Bell Street, gift; fair cash value, $82,400.

Bayview Loans Servicing, LLC, vs. heirs of of Lillian Wilson, and Dallas Michael Wilson, Misty M. Wilson, Patricia Lynn York, David W. York, through Jonathan R. Baker, special master commissioner, to Joe B. French, property on Ky. 39, $36,201.

David L. and Debra Boyd and Linda M. Baker to Jay Allen Manuel, property on the Stanford-Ottenheim Pike, $21,000.

James and Ginske Hogue to Carpenter Rental Properties of Kentucky, LLC, lot No. 73 in Land of Goshen Subdivision, on U.S. 27, $76,000; fair cash value of property conveyed, $80,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Levi W. Walls and Makayla Kristen Carrier, a.k.a. Makayla Walls, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Daniel and Haylee Ralston, lot No. 14, Phase 3, Foster’s Lane Residential Development, $75,601.

Kristy and Norman Lawrence to Cynthia Reardon, lot No. 9, Moreland Meadow, Phase 2, $118,000.

Diana Foreman to Matthew Lee Presley, lot No. 18 of Deer Meadows Subdivision, $128,000.

Stephanie Whitenack, executrix of the William A. Debord estate, to George B. Debord, 0.42 acre on the U.S. 150 Bypass, $60,000.

Jeremy L. Caudill to Lynx W. St. Fleur, two parcels in Disney Place Development, $104,000.

Jackie A. Jackson, executor of the Joyce Phillips estate, to Casey and Robin Thompson, lots 3B and 4B, Section B, Hamilton Homes Subdivision, Waynesburg, $90,000.

James C. and Evelyn Mae Wren to Gregory T. and Vinita Gail Carter, two acres on Maple Swamp Road, gift, value not listed.

Jeffrey L. and Darlene Coulter to Matthew Lee and Whitney Nicole Peyton, property on Harris Creek Road, $55,000.

PRO AG Properties, LLC, to Jerry K. Sr. and Gwyneth C. Pyle, tract 5 of the Stanford-Lincoln County Industrial Development Authority Property, containing 5.006 acres off Old U.S. 150, $157,200.

Joe S. and Robin V. Crain to Joseph Craig and Sarah Gail Crain, property on Miller Street, Stanford, $99,900.

Larry D. and Margaret Eversole to Viley Wade, two tracts on Goshen Road containing 31.72 acres, $175,000.

James C. Wren to Jeremy and Evelyn Gilliam, 2.352 acres on Peck Hollow Road, $169,000.

Jeffrey D. Stith and Michelle L. Stith to Patricia O’Quin, lot No. 49, Phase 2, Disney Place Development, containing 0.491 acre, $124,000.

Odell and Wanda K. Kirkpatrick to Terry and Carla Allen, 1.329 acres on Boone Road, $12,000.

Scot and Connie Sue Tankersley and Barry Tankersley to Bruce C. Edgington, two parcels off Ky. 698, containing 1.753 acres, $60,000.

RECA Limited Partnership to Colonial Impact Fund-II, LLC, property on Ky. 698, $16,951.26.

Jerry D. and Felicia C. Kelly to Kennedy DuPray, two parcels  on Phillips Court and Crosshill Drive, $103,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

AB & D Enterprises, LLC to Anthony S. and Linda H. Goodman, 10.623 acres in Salvia Heights Subdivision, $500,000.

Lemayne and Georgia M. Ellis to Denise and George Camic, property on Daisy Street, $95,000.

Jeremy and Stacy Renner to Amelia Durham, lot in Lake Village Estates Subdivision, $192,000.

Dawn M. and Bill E. Barnett II to Scott T. and Susan L. Russell, lot in Bellaire Subdivision Phase 2, $159,900.

Bonnie M. Huffman to Tyler and Samantha Dunaway, tract on Marimon Avenue, $78,000.

Nancy Conley to Sheila and Melvin C. Law, Jr., lot in Mariview Place, property transfer; fair market value, $4,500.

Mary Boeh, Steven K. and Cynthia D Schroeder, Gloria M. and Mark Linn, Harold A. Schroeder, and Wanda L. and Gordy Behrendt to Connie L. Phillips and Peggy L. Phillips, property in Mercer County, $190,000.

Lori E. and Kenneth Coyle to Zac P. and Kristyna C. Lewis, two tracts in Shasta Subdivision, $159,000.

Cody Hebrock to Cody Hebrock and Kimberly Johnson, property on Ky. 33, property transfer; fair cash value, $142,500.

Carl T. Dennis to Dalton and Britni Thompson, property on Shawnee Run Road, $30,000.

Kristyna L. and Zachary P. Lewis to Bryce H. Amburgey, property on Dixville Road, $165,000.

Roney and Jane Bottom to Matthew F. and Bonnie L. Hughes, property on Ky. 68, $55,000.

Bruce D. and Sandy Harper to Jana and Jerry Scrivner, 7.82 acres in Mercer County, $385,000.

Pauline Tyler to Brian J. Collins, property on Horn Lane, $1,000.

Roger D. and Melissa Davis to Jimmy and Michelle Stevens, three lots in Hillside Terrace Subdivision, $13,200.

Jason and Julie Mullins to Lorie J. and Sean E. Davis, lot in Old South Farms, $240,000.