News briefs, Dec. 14

Published 8:44 am Thursday, December 14, 2017

Ephraim McDowell warns of phone scams

Some residents in the area have notified Ephraim McDowell Health that they have been getting phone calls that are represented as being from Ephraim McDowell trying to help them get credit cards, offer vacations, and asking for personal financial information. Ephraim McDowell does not make these calls and encourages people not to provide any personal information to these callers, who are falsely representing Ephraim McDowell.

Ephraim McDowell may call patients to conduct satisfaction surveys, or to follow-up on a patient’s care and provide further information regarding their care at home, but will never call asking for private information or trying to sell a product.

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November building permits

Building permits issued in October by Danville-Boyle County Planning and Zoning Commission include: S. Walker, 205 East Fourth St., 392 square feet, addition; T. McCoy, 1210 Bluegrass Pike, 330 square feet, addition; R. Patterson, 1752 Parksville Circle, 2,428 square feet, single family dwelling; J. Carver, 700 Ben Ali, 1,214 square feet, single family dwelling; J. Carver, 722 Ben Ali, 1,214 square feet, single family dwelling; J. Wittig, 350 East Lexington, 196 square feet, addition; C. McClure, 504 Perkins, 384 square feet, addition; C. Redding, 3010 Jacob Drive, 768 square feet, addition; D & H Real Estate, 100 Woodlawn Way, 9,061 square feet, commercial building; J. Camic, 1725 Waterworks, 1,080 square feet, addition.