From our files: Dec. 16

Published 9:15 am Monday, December 18, 2017

100 YEARS AGO — 1917

Mr. P.L. Beck of Lincoln County, did the wise thing today when he gave a 75-pound basket of tobacco to the Red Cross. The tobacco was sold at the Peoples house and brought the aggregate amount of $25. Mr. Beck’s worthy example and patriotism deserves emulation. Who will be the next to give a similar amount to this worthy cause.?

A ticket in the Danville Library for a Christmas present could be 62 weeks of reading instead of 52 for one dollar if you buy a ticket before Jan. 1, 1918. Make some member of your family happy with this present.

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Welsh & Wiseman Co., “The Store With the Christmas Spirit” has a few Christmas gift suggestions — Children’t fur sets, $3.50-$10; Ladies Kimonas, $1.50 to $10; Parisian ivory in combs, brushes, mirrors, clothes brushes, militry brushes and manicure pieces, 25 cents to $5; velvet and leather bags, $1 to $10; men’s automobile gloves, $1.50.

No one can remember when there was so little whiskey in Danville prior to the holidays. The price of the blamed stuff is so high a fellow can’t afford to order it. Then there is a general disposition everywhere to cut it out.

Most all the Sunday schools will serve oranges and candy to the kiddies Sunday morning.

There will not be Community Christmas tree as has been for the last two years. Instead, seven cars have been promised to provide a way for a group of people to sing in different parts of town on Christmas night. Any one who might be interested in this plan can call the committee at 64 and learn how they can help.

Mrs. J. B. Willis, who manages Crab Orchard Springs so satisfactorily, has decided that she will not attempt to further conduct the place as a Keeley Institute, and Ddr. Strader, who has had charge of the Keeley patients, has left for his home. Seems to us that Mrs. Willis has made a wise move. A summer resort and a  Keeley cure under the same roof never did strike us as a good combination.

75 YEARS AGO — 1942

Danville’s first bus service in history got off to a fair start this morning despite the fact that many people were at a loss to know when and where to catch a bus. Officials of the Victory Bus Line are at work on a comprehensive time schedule which will give the time buses will arrive at intersections. Many business men and women caught the early morning bus and all were enthusiastic in their praise of the driver and the coziness and warmth of the new service.

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa, I have been a good boy and am six years old. I want you to bring me a little station wagon, football, army truck and an Army suit. I wish that I were a big man so that I could wear a real army suit and help my country fight the Axis. Deedie Leathers, Danville.

Dear Santa, I am a little boy of 5 years old. My daddy is dead. I live with my grandmother on Earl Street. I would like you to bring me a wagon and a sleigh, tommie gun, cowboy suit. I am buy war stamps to help whip the Japs. Please Santa come to see me. James Thomas Ray, Junction City.

Dear Santa, I am eight years old and I am in the third grade. I am a good girl and make straight A’s. Please bring me a pair of riding pants and boots, also a book. I like to read. I have a little niece in Danville. Her name is Sar Jo Dadisman and she lives on Fourth Street. She is so cut. She says “tat” when anyone sneezes. She means scat. Bring my mother something and do not forget my daddy because it is his birthday. I hope you bring my teacher Mrs. Ewing something. She says you always do. Billie Jo Hughett. P.S. Please come to see Billy Roy Ladd. He is two ad lives next door to me.

50 YEARS AGO — 1967

Danville has 3,070 manufacturing jobs, the largest number of any Central Kentucky city outside of Lexington and Frankfort, according to the 1968 Kentucky Directory of Manufacturers that was just issued. Harrodsburg is listed as having 1,263 manufacturing jobs. The firms are: American Greetings, 1,000; Amphenol Corp., 52; Bluegrass Plant Foods, 23; Bluegrass Printing, 5; Boyle Block, 18; Burlington Mills (now Dantex), 150; Fred Cain Manufacturing, 20; Coca-Cola Bottling Works, 15; Corning Glass Works, 500; Danville Advocate-Messenger 32; Dr. Pepper Bottling Co, 10; Genesco, 410; Jackson Chair, 137; Kentucky Kandies, 6; Myers Concrete 4; Palm Beach, 578; Ready Mix Concrete, 12; Royal Crown Cola, Bottling, 41; Sellers Engineering, 55 and Al Springate Baits, 2.

David Cottrell, coach of the Danville Admirals, was one of the happiest and most proud fellows in the world last Friday night. He had good reason because his team had just scored one of Danville High’s all-time great basketball victories in upsetting fourth-ranked Henry Clay, 89-81. Cottrell is in his seventh year at DHS.

On Monday, the Ephraim McDowell Memorial Hospital Candy Stripers met in the Auxilliary room and constructed 60 carolers to go on the patients’ meal trays for Christmas Day. They also decorated a Christmas tree on the third floor or the pediatrics ward. The decorations were donated by the Candy Stripers and Mrs. Purdom, their counselor. The girls who will serve at the hospital staff party are Jeannie Ogle, Marianne Montgomery, Carline Preston, Rocie Parket, Phyllis Finney and Karen Carmickle.

On Dec. 25, 1966, the congregation of the First Baptist Church, Second and Walnut streets held its usual Christmas services in its church. The next morning the structure was a smoldering mass of ruins, having burned during the night and early morning. On Dec. 24 of this year, the congregation will again hold Christmas services and they will be held in a new building that is being occupied for services for the first time on that day. A short cornerstone laying service will be held at 10 o’clock.

25 YEARS AGO — 1992

New mom, Lencia Mountjoy strolled up Third Street in Danville with 3-week old triplets, Hunter, Hannah and Heath. “It’s too pretty to stay in,” she said, who had been indoors since about 12 weeks before the births.

Matsushita Floor Care Co has withdrawn ownership and participation as a shareholder of Corporate Family Service Inc and the John Hill Bailey Children’s Learning Center, according to Louise Allen MFCC communications administrator. The decision was made, Allen said, so that MFCC can focus on its core business of building vacuum cleaners.