No charges, just cash: Boyle County deputy pulls people over to pass out money and Christmas cards

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, December 20, 2017

One Boyle County sheriff’s deputy played secret Santa on Tuesday, pulling over unwary drivers to surprise them with cash.
“My mind is blown,” said Isaac Compton, who was stopped with his mom, Angela.

(Photo by Kendra Peek/
Isaac Compton, left, and his mom Angela, right, pose with Deputy Taylor Bottom on Tuesday. The two were shocked after getting a Christmas gift from Bottom, who was surprising drivers and others.

Angela Compton said she was overwhelmed.
“It makes you know God is great,” she said.
She said they were just reminiscing about Christmases past when the lights from Deputy Taylor Bottom’s car flicked on, which they admitted scared them a bit. But they were glad to be stopped.
“I’ve seen this on T.V. and cried along with them,” Angela Compton said, laughing through teary-eyes.
Things have been a little rough lately, she said, because the family’s been dealing with some illness. She called her son a rock.
The money and kindness from Bottom were a blessing for the family, Compton said. The two thanked Bottom before parting ways.
This is the third year Bottom has played secret Santa thanks to an anonymous donor. He’s had others contact him over the years to contribute, too.
The first year, he said, one of the recipients kept the money, added more to it and gave it back to him to hand out the second year.
Bottom said he enjoys pulling people over for a positive reason.
“Like (the Comptons) said, it makes you believe God is good,” Bottom said. “If it can help somebody when they need it, we’ve done our duty as Christians to pass on the love and spirit of Christmas.”
Bottom’s anonymous donor said they were glad to give to others, which is what matters most.
“It’s about giving, not receiving,” the donor said, watching from the back of the car as recipients hugged, smiled and thanked Bottom. “It’s a blessing to be able to see people — God knows when to tell Deputy Bottom when to pull people over. It’s amazing how that works.”
Korean War Veteran Albert Taylor was the first one pulled over by Bottom. He said it was shocking.
“God is good … God works in mysterious ways,” he said.
Toni Ward, another recipient of money, said she appreciated it.
“It definitely reminds me that there are amazing people in this world,” she said.
Savannah Winburn was outside NESCO when she was approached by Bottom.
“I didn’t know what to think,” she said. She was there to apply for a job.
Christopher and Courtney Lamb, along with their son Cassius, were there too.
“This was awesome,” Courtney Lamb said. “I’ve never had police officer come up to me for something good.”
Christopher Lamb simply said he was speechless.
Bottom passed out about 20 cards to unsuspecting people, with $50 in each card, as he traveled around the county on Friday. He said he owed thanks to Sheriff Derek Robbins for letting him make the stops on his day off.

(Photo by Kendra Peek/
Deputy Taylor Bottom with Albert Taylor after giving the man money from an anonymous donor.

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