Showing off

Published 1:33 pm Thursday, December 21, 2017

Showing off

Cacee Karsner, a fourth-grader at Woodlawn Elementary School points to an African symbol she incorporated into a barn quilt art pattern she created in art class.

A fourth and fifth grade art class from Woodlawn Elementary School held an art exhibit and reception at the Boyle County Public Library Tuesday afternoon. Fourth-graders in Hillary Zimmerman’s art class created colonial art by drawing colorful barn quilt patterns and incorporating Adinkra symbols in the artwork. Zimmerman explained that the students learned African Adinkra symbols and American quilt designs came into existence at about the same time and were both used to express ideas and feelings in two different cultures on two separate continents.

The fifth-grade class focused on how to use a grid to create original drawings of birds. They also learned about conceptual art by outlining their hand then coloring designs on it with bright colors on half and pencil designs on the other side.

Zoe Zimmerman, daughter of Woodlawn art teacher, Hillary Zimmerman who was hosting Woodlawn’s fourth and fifth grade students’ art exhibit upstairs stands at the reception table in the foyer at the public library. She said she was wearing pajamas because it had been “Polar Express Day” at Boyle County Elementary School

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