K9 Corner, Dec. 26

Published 9:40 am Thursday, December 28, 2017

This is the 14th true story of a dog that has been blessed with a number of human angels at a time when I am sure he thought the end of his world had arrived.  

Let’s let him tell his own story which starts in Nassau, the capital of the Bahama Islands.

Braille is hungry and scared and calling for help in the junk yard.

I have been rescued from an abusive situation and since I was born blind, my rescuer named me Braille. My blindness was my downfall, the person in charge of me decided that since I could not do much of anything; that I could work as a “junk yard” dog.  So there I stayed, by myself, surrounded by abandoned car relics. I slipped in the leaking oil and was confused and terribly frightened. I was not the guard dog the owner hoped for, so suddenly there was no food or other attention.  

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Then my first angel noticed me and reported my condition to my second angel who was more like an Archangel to me since she persuaded the owner of the junk yard to let her take me. Was I a mess! I was covered with oil, ticks and fleas. It took major work to get me clean enough to see what color coat I had! At my first visit to a veterinarian, it was discovered that I had heartworm from being bitten by mosquitoes, as well as canine ehrlichiosis and another tick borne disease.  

Braille when Chella first picked him up. It was hard to tell what color he was because he was so covered in motor oil.

My Archangel was not deterred; she posted my case on Facebook asking for help. Unknown to me, a third angel in Danville, Kentucky read the posting and contacted a fourth angel in Michigan who devotes herself to helping feral and special needs dogs. The next problem was transportation, how was I going to leave the island? Enter my fifth angel, a sea captain with a huge yacht heading for Florida. There I needed a foster home for a couple of weeks and my third angel from Kentucky was able to find a local rescuer, (angel six), right there in Florida willing to care for me while arrangements were made to get me to Michigan.  

While in Florida, I was treated royally and I recognized my friends by their voices and scent. They were so good to me and I tried my best to let them know how much I loved them. While in foster care, angel No. 3 arrived from Kentucky and took me to the veterinarian for my health certificate, so I could travel. Guess what? I got to greet my Archangel again. What a joyous reunion!

His first night with Roberto. He loved squeeky toys and carried one with him most of the time.

Braille at the sanctuary in Nassau. He is beginning to know he is safe.

My fourth angel, in Michigan, was working hard to locate someone (my seventh angel) to bring me north so she could start my heartworm treatment and help me learn to be a house dog. Since the postings on Facebook, my angel No. 4 has received dozens of adoption applications from families all over this country.

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year. 



Braille looks happier every day.

Braille on his way to Michigan with Kathy. They stopped to spend the night in a hotel. The blanket he is laying on is one he was given for the car ride. He stayed on it the whole time.

Finally in his own bed in Michigan, Braille still has his toy and blanket.