Burglars hit The Medicine Shoppe

Published 12:48 pm Friday, December 29, 2017

Unclear if connected to previous pharmacy burglary

Danville police are investigating a burglary that occurred at The Medicine Shoppe on Dec. 22, slightly reminiscent of a similar burglary that occurred at Good Neighbor Pharmacy in October.

“At this point, we’re looking for connections,” said Capt. Glenn Doan with the Danville Police Department. “We can’t say one way or the other.”

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Forced entry was made into The Medicine Shoppe and burglars took several different types of medication, according to police.

In the Good Neighbor Pharmacy break in back in October, several different types of medicines were also taken. At that time, officers said the break in could be connected to others in the state.

Doan said they are also comparing the break in at The Medicine Shoppe with those around the state to see if there are connections elsewhere.

When thieves break into pharmacies, much of the time, “we believe they are trying to find the higher end narcotics. They’re harder to get,” Doan said.

“Most of your thefts do play into those issues,” he said, explaining that many burglaries are caused by someone trying to find things they can sell so they can buy drugs. “Some people think they want to bypass those and break into the pharmacies. We don’t see it all that often, but it does happen here.”

Anyone with information into the burglaries is asked to contact the Danville Police Department at (859) 238-1224. Det. A.J. Mullins is the lead on the case.