Boyle schools out twice during wintry start to January

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Since returning to school after winter break last week, students in the Danville Independent Schools haven’t missed a day, while students in the Boyle County Schools have missed due to weather twice.

Ed McKinney, director of pupil personnel for the Danville Independent Schools, said the district experienced slightly lower attendance than usual for the first few days of school.

The district returned from winter break on Wednesday and hasn’t taken any snow days to date.

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“The recent rough weather has definitely had some impact on attendance,” McKinney said.

Students were scheduled to return to school in the Boyle County Schools on Thursday, but a snow day delayed the start to Friday. The southeastern part of the county was especially hit hard, said Chris Holderman, assistant superintendent and director of pupil personnel.

“That Thursday snow put down a half inch, up to an inch in some places,” he said.

While some districts canceled Friday in anticipation of cold temperatures, Boyle did not. Holderman said he kept an eye on the temperatures and it didn’t drop below zero.

School was canceled on Monday because of black ice on the roads, Holderman said, because district officials felt it was too dangerous for buses.

“You don’t see it. You think it’s water until you hit a patch of it. It scares me more than snow,” Holderman said. “The ground temperatures are so cold still, you don’t know if it’s turned to ice or not.”

“We don’t call early unless it’s going to be 100-percent sure … Sometimes they miss it. We can’t hang our hat on a forecast,” Holderman said. “Our plan is to always go to school but then work harder to make a decision.”

Attendance on Friday was about 90 percent, Holderman said, while attendance Tuesday was 95.5 percent; the district average is 95 percent.