Property transfers, Jan. 10

Published 9:54 am Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Jennifer and John B. Sullivan, Jr. and Joseph R. Sullivan to Anthony and Melinda McCowan, 10.032 acres on Quirks Run Road, $65,000.

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Mark E. and Lisa G. Bauder to Castulo Dominguez, property in Boyle County, $30,000.

R. Bruce and Beth E. Robbins to CHDH Properties LLC, lot in Danville Commercial Park, $35,000.

Jennifer G. McElroy to William E. Belcher, lot in Donnie Leonard Subdivision, $79,500.

Bruce D. Stamper and Dawn R. Bonisa Stamper to William E. and Rebecca J. Harilson, property on Ky. 34, $45,000.

EGB Properties, LLC to Leah and Shelton D. Simpson, lot in West Danville subdivision, $135,000.

Farmers National Bank of Danville to Danville First LLC, property in Boyle County, $1,000,000.

Shanna J. and Shane W. Burris to Amanda F. and Clayton B. Pruitt, lot in Streamland Subdivision, $185,000.

Thomas and Cindy Satterly to Deborah Disponette, property on Tennessee Ridge Road, $93,000.

John S. and Janet D. Aumiller to Daniel C. Watson and Lisa M. Nickerson, property on Perryville Road, $132,000.

Arbutus L. Noe to Robert S. and Suzanne V. Blandford, 20 acres in Boyle County, $55,000.

Melvin J. Noe and Michael D. Noe to Robert S. and Suzanne V. Blandford, property on Tar Lick Road, $3,000.

Leon D. and Frances Pendygraft and Robert L. and Dee Pendygraft to Kentucky Hardwood Lumber Co., Inc., two tracts in Boyle County, $265,000.

William J. and Judy F. Ratliff to Brian R. and Allison D. Speer, 50 acres in Boyle County, $85,000.

John S. Hines to Kevin Carpenter, property on West Lexington Avenue, $135,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Connie Scott, Joseph Trent Scott, Capital One (USA), and Boyle County, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Shawn M. Derringer, tract on North Bragg Street, $50,401.

Paulette W. and Billy L. Hargis, Sr. to Billy L. Hargis, Sr., two parcels in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $117,000.

Alma S. Williams to Daniel D. Williams lot in Owens Court Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $100,000.

Robert N. and Rhonda Pack, to Alexis T. Hernandez, property on Butler Drive, $115,000.

Randy J. Arnett to Kellie A. Rosanbalm and Lea Ann Waterfill, two lots in Lake Herrington Park, $132,500.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Charles S. Vaught and Boyle County, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole, tract in Boyle County, $21,601.

William R. and Brenda C. Fox and Donna M. Fox and Steve Bernard to Larry and Jamie Young, parcel in Gloraview Subdivision, $70,000.

Kenneth M. and Judith Dickey to David R. and Tyra Rahbany, lot in Bluegrass Trace, $133,500.

Matthew and Courtney Murray to Blake and Natalie Perry, lot in Colonial Heights Subdivision, $270,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Dottie Maxwell, Kelly Teresa L. Maxwell, James E. and Melinda G. Maxwell, and Crystal M. and Brandon C. Brown to Crystal M. and Brandon C. Brown, parcel on Jackie Hollow Road, gift; fair cash value, $17,000.

Greta R. and Danny C. Vaught to John J. and Brenda L. Cummins, 2.017 acres in Casey County, $20,000.

Wanda Spears, Steven G. and Janice G. Spears, Debbie R. Childers, Bryan K. and Melinda L. Spears, and Cynthia L. and Donald R. Cravens to Shree Hanuman Corporation, property lying at the southeast intersection of KY 837 and KY 70, $75,000.

Karen A. Roy, guardian of James Larry Martin to Karen A. Roy, lot in John Hayes Division, property transfer; fair cash value, $17,500.

Jeffrey C. and Deborah S. Swinney to Howard E. Potts, parcel lying on waters of Riffe Creek, $65,000.

Charles S. and Laura L. Fox and Don B. and Paige D. Sweeney to Marty W. and Alison J. Lamb, parcel in the Clementsville area, $75,000.

Mildred Southerland to David C. Parton, property on Parton Road, gift; fair cash value, $4,000.

Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company, Doris Preston, Christopher Preston and Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, by and through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner to Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company, property located on Elk Cave Branch Road, Gravel Switch, $30,000.

Ryan and Jennifer Day to Robert J. and Lorrie B. Vaught, parcel on Nubbin Ridge Road, $65,000.

Larry P. and Tracy K. Baldock to G. B. & D. Neat Properties, LLC, property on KY 70 at junction of KY 206, $180,000.

Michael D. and Carol Clements to Joseph P. and Leslie M. Conlin, lot in Combs Subdivision, $4,500.

Jobie and Charlene Collett to John A. and Christina S. Ferguson, two parcels in Casey County, $55,000.

Randall and Irene Estes to Leon Childress, parcel on Brock Road, gift; fair cash value, $1,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to April Kutey property on Bethelridge Road, $31,200.

Estate of Thomas Mark Turner to Marcus Richards, property in Dunnville, $19,800.

Royce C. Bernard to Chasity J. Crew and Tamera G. Bernard, lot in Green River Estates Subdivision, $2,500.

Sharon K. Elmore to Robert W. Patterson, property on Middleburg Street, $20,000.

Martha L. and Wade R. Pope to Donald and Joy Tarter, two tracts in Casey County, $200,000.

Charles R. and Carla Faye W. Turner to Daniel L. Wever, two parcels in Casey County, $60,000.

Brad and Melissa Vaughn to David T. McKinney, tract on Cowden Ave., $10,500.

Gene L. and Tammy G. Sweet and Carroll R. Haste to Carroll R. Haste, property on Rock Lick Road, $13,763.58.

Gene L. and Tammy G. Sweet and Carroll R. Haste to Gene L. and Tammy G. Sweet, property on Rock Lick Road, agreed division of land; fair cash value, $32,123.21.

Jeff Mason to Malcolm W. Douglas, two lots in Liberty, $28,000.

Kathy W. and Jerry L. Zachary to Kathy W. and Jerry L. Zachary property on College Street, gift; fair cash value, $110,000.

Joey L. Means to James E. Means, property on KY 80, $57,500.

Paula I. and Clinton R. Price, Rhonda L. Walters, Judy G. and Troy V. Reed, and Benjamin and Kimberly D. Buck to Rhonda L. Walters, land lying on waters of Casey Creek, payment of all debts of Paul N. Buck; fair cash value,$80,000.

Estate of Sherman L. Sowers, by and through Patricia D. Robertson, Debbie G. Sowers Morris and Robin S. McArter, co-executrices to Reba I. Sowers Robertson, Patricia D. Robertson and Pamela R. Webb, two parcels in Casey County, in compliance of terms and conditions of last will and testament of Sherman L. Sowers; fair cash value, $120,000.

Casey County Bank, Inc., to Danny J. and Barbara R. Jeffries, tract on KY 78, $4,000.

Kerry D. and Connie S. Cundiff to K. Darin and Rachyl H. Cundiff, property in Casey County, $345,000.

Jeff Mason to Ronald B. and Melissa E. Vaughn, property in Brookside Heights Subdivision, $50,000. 


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Stuart Powell Properties, LLC, to City of Lancaster and County of Garrard, two tracts on Richmond Street, charitable donation; fair cash value, $255,000.

Jamie G. and M. Nicholas Martin, MD to Karl R. and Julie Burger, two tracts on Lexington Street, $85,000.

Rosemary T. Dreager to Rosemary T. Dreager and Andrea T. Dreager, property on Harmon’s Lick Road, gift; fair market value, $90,000.

Sonyia Rizzi to Christopher L. Slone and Stacy M. Hamner, lot in Lancashire Estates, $240,000.

Wendell H. and Bethany A. Johnson to David C. and Pamela N. Ruda, .910 acre lot in Garrard County, $10,250.

Nicholas E. Smith and Holly E. Gatliff to Sarah M. Watson, .935 acres in Garrard County, $136,500.

Russell A. and Stacey M. Edester to James S. and Patricia Miller, lot in Hidden Valley Place, $131,345.78.

Sandra K. Smith to Mike Slone, three lots in Camp Site Subdivision, $27,500.

Justin C. and Rebecca H. Doolin to Charles M. Dillard, lot in Mt. Hebron Subdivision, $145,000.

Rachel and Billy L. Guy, III to Justin C. and Rebecca H. Doolin, parcel on Bobby Noe Road, $179,500.

Karl M. Phares to William McArthur, lot in Hideaway Coves Estates, $167,000.

Michael W. Atha and Darren W. Allen to Sameul O. and Lindsay A. Sims, two lots in Woodsprings Subdivision, $40,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Charles H. and Mae Johnson to Buddie and Alisa Slone, three tracts of land on KY 1781, containing 10.39 acres, $83,600.

Nathan Sean Horn and Christopher M. Horn to Eric S. Horn, lot No. 19, Phase 2, Ravenwood Manor Subdivision, $90,000.

Ronny D. Smith, a.k.a. Ronnie Smith, and Doris June Smith to Ronny D. and Doris June Smith, approximately 25 acres on the Lincoln-Rockcastle line, survivorship deed, fair cash value, $110,700.

Mary Lou Croucher to James L. and Mary C. May, two tracts of land on Allen Road, containing approximately 132.004 acres, $200,006.67.

Ronnie and Judy Black to J & E Rentals, LLC, two tracts of land on Cedar Lane, containing 0.9939 acre, $22,000.

Rhonda Derksen to Kenneth Jr. and Tessa Goodin, two tracts of land on Miracle-Gerkey Road, near Halls Gap, containing approximately 40.518 acres, $160,000.

Citizens Guaranty Bank, Charlotte Cress, Frank Patera, Diane Patera and Heights Finance Corporation, by and through Edward G. May, Master Commissioner of the Lincoln Circuit Court, to Citizens Guaranty Bank, 0.51 acre on KY 328, $6,600.

Roy D. and Barbara Brock to Lindsay Sims and Cheyanne Emerson, 32.6 acres in Lincoln County, gift; fair cash value, $95,200.

Joan and Wallace L. Compton to Adam L. Compton, property on Goshen Road, gift; fair cash value of property, $125,000.

John W. and Julie W. Teater to Bob Turpin, 220 acres on Fall Lick Pike, lying two miles northeast of Preachersville in Lincoln and Garrard Counties, $390,000.

Michael and Misty Humphrey to Joshua and Ashley Morgan, lot No. 8 of Cold Springs Subdivision, Section 1, $125,000.

Travis Douglas to Travis and Lesa Douglas, 60.771 acres on Harris Creek Road, $1; fair cash value of property,$96,500.

Mary Rose Patterson to Richard and Lisa Stratton, property on Willow Springs Road, being lots No. 15 and No. 16, Phase 2, North Moreland Place, $21,000.

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, Jessica Harrison and Brandon Scott Harrison, by and through Edward G. May, Master Commissioner of the Lincoln Circuit Court, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 19.897 acres on Mason Gap Road, $25,397.

Blue Heron Knob, LLC, to Dustin and Holly Bonner, 145.45 acres on Knob Lick and McCormack’s Church Pike, $325,000.

Donna Jonelle Rutherford to Claud Mobley Richards, lot No. 2 and a portion of lot No. 3, Block A, Forest Hills Subdivision, $124,900.

Elizabeth VanHook to William VanHook, 6.255 acres on Singleton Road, property settlement.

Margie Brittain to Gregory Lee Crawford, lot No. 5, Sunset Subdivision, containing 0.516 acre, lying off KY 1273, $160,000.

Rosalie and John Edward Baxter III to Eric M. and Cheyanne Stratton, lot No. 10, Section 3, Silver Flats Subdivision, $76,500.

Frank and Brenda Hoeck to Merlin J. and Betty A. Kramer, 1.79 acres on Pine Grove Road, $10,000.

Bobby and Teresa Bradley to The Reavis D. Gibb Revocable Living Trust, by Clifton R. Gibb, trustee, 33.14 acres off KY 698 and Toombs Hollow Road, in consideration of release of indebtedness owed; fair market value, $87,500.

Stacey Ping to Charlie White and Angie Hembree, two parcels of property lying one-half mile east of Kings Mountain, containing 5.78 acres, $1, survivorship deed; fair cash value of property, $23,000.

Elizabeth Caudill to Kenneth Wayne and Loraine Susan Coyle, two tracts of land on Garrison Road, containing approximately 12.618 acres, $141,000.

Shelby Ray and Karen Y. Lakes to Shelby Ray and Karen Y. Lakes, seven acres on KY 1247, survivorship deed; fair cash value, $80,000.

Gerald Keith Baugh, by and through his court-appointed guardian, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, to Timothy R. and Georgia A. Hackney, property on KY 70, Eubank, $56,001.

JPMorgan Mortgage Acquisition Corporation to Billy Gross, lot No. 35, Phase 1, Disney Place Subdivision, located on Goshen Cutoff Road, $60,000.

Debra Jo Welch Gebert, as executrix of the Lucian W. Welch estate, to Timothy Logan and Kayla F. Johnson, lot No. 6, Silver Flats Subdivision, Section 3, $89,600.

Thomas E. and Susan D. Naylor to Thomas J. Marksbury and Dorothy M. Caldwell, 1.04 acres on KY 1273, lying six miles west of Stanford, $132,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, George Russell, Julia Russell and Citibank, N.A.,  by and through Edward G. May, Master Commissioner of the Lincoln Circuit Court, to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, two tracts of land on County Line Road, Eubank, $50,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Thomas H. Baker, Jr. to Thomas H. Baker, III, two tracts in Mercer County, gift: fair market value, $148,500.

Jennifer Whalen and James E. Reed II to Doran and Chelsea Davenport, lot in Scenic Hills Estates Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $121,664.

Joe and Vickie Ballard to Brian and Wendy Stewart, five tracts on Bloomfield Road (Bohon Road), $120,000.

Kirk and Sherry Robinson, Vicki and Richard Stanley and Doug and Kelly Robinson to Gregg and Virginia Robinson, lot in The Glade unit development, $146,250.

Devauna D. Riley and Donald R. Adkins to Michael C. and Vanna V. Armstrong, 5.009 acres in Mercer County, $237,000.

Timothy and Crystal Darland to Kevin Peel, 1.159 acres in Mercer County, $65,000.

James and Lois Wheeler, Vicky L. Moore and David K. Wheeler to David K. Wheeler, 137.78 acres in Mercer County, $600,000.

David W. and Cora B. McPherson to Monty D. Britton, property on Horn Lane, $133,600.

Laura D. Stapleton to Jeremie L. Leckron and Sara D. Cavitt, lot in Cold Springs Estates, $210,000.

Jack Witt, Jr. to Richard Rader, lot in Sandy Acres Estates Subdivision, $214,000.

Sadaat, LLC, Syed and Fatima Khader and Syed and Kamila Ahmed to AWS Business Properties, LLC and Richard Reed, property on College Street, $495,000.

Rose Tewmey, Eddie and Vicki Tewmey and Marsha and Jim Robinson to David and Bonnie Woodward, lot in Alexander Heights Subdivision, $6,000.

Vicky L. Moore and David K. Wheeler to James and Lois Wheeler, 1.90 acres on Perryville Road, $90,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Tagba Rental LLC, property on Linden Avenue, $2,500.

Ann Harley to Brian Collins, property on West Factory Street, $15,000.

Ann Harley to Brian Collins, property on Factory Street, $15,000.

Nellie and Zachary Ramsey to Emily and Andrew S. Dennis, 2.28 acres in Mercer County, $20,000.

Andover Homes, LLC to Clayton C. and Rachel N. Murphy, lot in Final Plat Stone Oak Estates, $244,000.

Tate R. Properties, LLC to Ann B. Bakhaus Properties, LLC, tract in Mercer County, $139,275.78.

Wendell S. and Ann W. Huff to Douglas L. Greenburg, trustee and Wendell S. and Ann W. Huff, 5.004 acres on KY 152, property transfer; fair cash value, $186,401.

Dover Associates, LLC, by and through attorney-in-fact, Dana Chowen, to Shawn Derringer, parcel on Goddard Avenue, $8,000.

Jeffrey J. and Wendy L. Quiggle to Wendy L. Quiggle, 6.51 acres in Mercer County, $1; fair market value, $125,000.

Jason P. and Hannah C. Tyler to Orban W. and Dorothy G. Mayes, lot in Phase II of Alexander Heights Subdivision, $160,000.