From our files, Jan. 27

Published 9:00 am Monday, January 29, 2018

100 YEARS AGO — 1918

Notwithstanding the very disagreeable weather, there was a splendid crowd of more that 200 people who ventured out to the Baptist Church Sunday night for the Service Flag service. Dr. Walker said, “This flag is placed here on the walls of this church so that when we come to worship and pray and our eyes rest upon this beautiful flag with its 16 stars representing 16 of our own noble boys who have gone out under the Stars and Stripes to fight the battles for justice and righteousness, when we see these, let us send up a prayer to  God for our boys.”

At the Sunday morning service of the Second Presbyterian Church a Service Flag was presented. Nelson D. Rodes, Esq. presented the flag to the church. He said the nine boys represented by the nine stars, had heard the call of their generation just as clearly as the disciples had heard the call of the Master … and the people of the church and community should be proud to have young men ready to respond to their country’s call.

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The Dix River is on a rampage. A message from G.J. Jarvis said Dix River was out of its banks yesterday and many car loads of the finest ice he ever saw was going down stream. Much of the ice was 15 to 20 inches thick.

The Danville Chapter of the American Red Cross is offering the following classes, if a sufficient number of people apply: First Aid to Injured, open to women; First Aid to Injured, open to men; Home Dietetics, open to women; and Surgical Dressings, open to women.

Mrs. Nannie R. Long, for many years matron of the colored department of the School for the Deaf in Danville, has died. Mrs. Long was the widow of M.T. Long, and was a woman of many noble traits of character and was one of the most believed women that ever lived in this city. The funeral will be conducted at her former apartment at the School for the Deaf and interment will be in Bellevue Cemetery.

75 YEARS AGO — 1943

Danville and Boyle County will be left with only two prisoners in their houses of detention after the sheriff takes four people to La Grange this week, weather permitting. A check at the city workhouse and the county jail shows that a total of eight people are incarcerated, and of this group only one is in the workhouse, leaving the superintendent with the aftermath of a semi-blizzard on his hands and not enough prisoners to handle the street work.

A determined and concerted effort by city and state police officers resulted in the solution of the outbreak of purse-snatching which has plagued Danville residents and law enforcement officers for the past two weeks. Two Burgin men have been arrested. One of them confessed to part of the crimes and the other refused to admit any connection with them.

Tally-ho Hannah, the pet and companion of Johnny Hannah, 14, of St. Mildred’s Court in Danville, reported to the reception center in Lexington for induction into the service with the WAGS. The handsome 4-year-old Dalmatian, has been with the Hannah family since it was 6 weeks old. Johnny, his master, who is an Advocate-Messenger newspaper carrier, said the idea of sending his canine pet to war followed the entrance of his brothers into the service of Uncle Sam. Tally-ho is the mascot of the Danville High School and was mascot of the school in Shelbyville when the family lived there. Female admirers of the dog have been knitting sweaters for him and giving him attention any normal “service man” would receive. It is said that 25,000 dogs are needed for service with the WAGS and to date only 2,000 have “enlisted.”

50 YEARS AGO — 1968

T.B. “Doc” Simmons, 90, for many years the only photographer in Danville, died at Fort Logan Hospital. Mr. Simmons operated a studio on Main Street in Danville for many years and created many innovations in the art of photography. Simmons was also an active and well-known sportsman. He was an outstanding fisherman and was one of the earliest regular fishermen on Herrington Lake when it was formed in 1925. He was also a great marksman and won many shoots in the area. He took part in shooting contests here and up until five or six years ago he nearly was always among the winners.

Figures from the State Department of Health reveal that about half of the children in Boyle County between the ages of 1 and 5 have not received measles vaccine.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has authorized a 420,000 kilowatt generating unit to be built adjacent to the Kentucky Utilities E.W. Brown pant near Burgin. The cost is estimated at $58,720,000. The new plant will be a steam-electric generating unit and be a companion unit to the one already located on a hill in Mercer County overlooking Dix Dam.

The steeple for the new First Christian Church is here after a day-long highway trip from its place of origin, Greensburg. The 94-foot spire is now on the church grounds awaiting minor repairs, the installation of some braces and lightning rods and actual attachment to the church. About 500 people drove behind the steeple on the last lap of its journey, lined Main Street to see it pass, or gathered at the church to see it end its journey last night. It was necessary, because of the Muldraugh Hall curves, to bring the steeple by way of Louisville and when it arrived in Harrodsburg it was rerouted through Perryville because of the North Main Street railroad overpass here. With the arrival of a special crane and the application of finishing touches to the unit, the erection of the $14,000 aluminum and copper spire is expected to be made within a few days.

25 YEARS AGO — 1993

It’s business as usual at the Danville Sears store. Or at least as usual as things can be after the parent company announced that it is doing away with its famous catalog, closing 113 retail stores and laying off 50,000 people. Rosemary Williams, owner of the  Danville store, said she assumes her store will remain open.

Thomas Spragens announced that he is withdrawing from the race for Danville City Commission and will be filing for mayor, even though the filing deadline had passed. Spragens said he reviewed the law and found that it allows a person to petition to file after the deadline if fewer than two people have filed for mayor in a non-partisan election.

A former employee a the William Whitley House State Shrine in Lincoln County has filed a lawsuit against the park manager and the Department of Parks. The woman, who worked as a hostess, tour guide and bookkeeper at the park near Crab Orchard, claims she lost her job after complaining to the Department of Parks about alleged sexual harassment by the park manager.