Disagrees with columnist’s takes

Published 8:42 am Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dear Editor,

In response to Megan Berketis’ recent contributions, she expresses an opinion that the state of Kentucky “must give kids a reason not to leave.” I agree with this sentiment, which is also why I feel that obvious liberals like her should not be hypocritical on the topic of international immigration. 

Many countries around the world should also be working to provide their own citizens with reasons to not leave. Instead of deriding millions of Americans for their opinions on immigration, perhaps we, as a highly-developed country, should encourage organic growth in poorer countries around the world while simultaneously directing proletariat immigration to those less fortunate countries to actually build something worthwhile there. Merit-based immigration is the only positive type of immigration for the United States in modern times.

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Secondly, she discusses “covert racism and discrimination” in this area. She says that receivers of this racism “feel it and have no control” over their differences. 

However, why is it appropriate for anybody to use the term “white privilege” in our society? When I hear the term “white privilege”, I am disgusted by the tone and overt racism behind it. 

Perhaps when we stop using discriminating terms like this, and also when talking heads in the biased media stop inflaming all groups behind the false narrative of systemic “white supremacy” in the United States, then we can truly take greater leaps toward being united. But I don’t ever notice liberals attacking this type of rhetoric, and that is one of many reasons why I cannot take liberal opinions seriously.

Also, I find it appalling that there is such a thing as an “activism workshop” that involves school children. Children are not educated enough in history, finance and public policy, among other topics, to fully understand the politics behind activism. 

Modern activism involves throwing a tantrum until you get what you want, until people get bored, or until somebody gets hurt. This is not a positive behavior to teach children. Children are not drones seeking programming for political ideology, and most parents likely do not want biased politics brought into their childrens’ education. 

But then again, nobody should be surprised by the methodology used by leftists that uses children, immigrants, refugees, race-baiting, character assassination and misleading statistics/polls among many other forms of chicanery for an agenda that seeks to maintain power, influence, and wealth for their own political collective.

Tyler Baker