Weekly checkup 

Published 9:43 am Tuesday, February 20, 2018

On Monday morning Danville firefighter J.T. Agee inspects Engine 12 when the cab is tilted forward

Every Monday, members of the Danville Fire Department complete a detailed “Monday check” on its fire trucks and equipment. Battalion Fire Chief Gabe Heatherly, left, and firefighter J.T. Agee  discuss the process of thoroughly checking pumper truck Engine 12’s fluid levels, belts, hoses, engine and all other equipment stored on the truck, which includes starting all gas powered equipment on it. Because Engine 12 is also used as a first responder medical vehicle, all of the specialized emergency equipment is also tested. Heatherly said the process takes about seven hours to complete.

In addition to the weekly intensive check, Heatherly said firefighters go over the trucks every day to make sure equipment is in place and ready to respond to any emergency situation.

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Since the fire department can often reach a medical emergency quicker than EMS, all firefighters are emergency medical technicians and can start basic life support when necessary. Heatherly said firefighters take the pumper truck so that in case of a fire call, they would have their fire equipment with them.