Boyle Co. Cultural Arts Exhibit contest winners announced

Published 8:48 am Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Press release

The Boyle County Cultural Arts Exhibit Contest was held Tuesday, Feb. 13 at the Boyle County Extension Office. Congratulations to all the contest winners. All first place winners are now eligible to enter their items in the “Area Culture Arts Contest” which will take place at the Woodford County Extension office on Tuesday, March 6.  

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County blue ribbon winners need to bring their items to the Boyle County Extension Office by Friday, March 2.

Categories/subcategories include:

Apparel: novelty — first, Thelma Mills; basic sewing — first, Sue King; second, Debra Caldwell; third, Joyce Zinner; accessory—first, Roberta Trayner; second,Thelma Mills; third, Sue King.

Beading: bead weaving — first, Betty Norvell; miscellaneous—first, Mary Ann Sharp.

Ceramics: hand formed—first, Thelma Mills.

Counted cross stitch: 14 count and under — first, Rita Bloom.  

Crochet: yarn—first, Sue King; second, Thelma Mills; third, Anna Carpenter.

Doll/toy making: cloth—first, Betty Norvell; other — first, Sue King.

Drawing: pen and ink with oil rouging—first, Kellye Milburn.

Embroidery: basic embroidery—first, Ce Newton; second, Sue King; candlewicking—second, Ce Newton; machine embroidery — first, Lois Frondal; second, Thelma Mills; tatting/lace making—first, Thelma Mills.

Holiday decorations: spring—first, Sue King; summer— first, Kellye Milburn; autumn — first, Kellye Milburn; second, Mary Ann Sharp; winter—first, De Shipley; second, Isabel Carter; third, Rita Bloom.

Jewelry: beaded—first, Betty Norvell.

Knitting: hand—second, Joyce Zinner; third, Helen Greene.

Miscellaneous: first, Lois Frondal; second, Charlotte Hammond; third, Pam Ratliff.

Needlepoint: cloth — first, Ce Newton; plastic — first, Geraldine Dietrich.

Painting, art: oil—first, Kellye Milburn; second, Jodie Thompson; third, Thelma Mills; acrylic—first, Thelma Mills; second, Mary Ann Sharp; third, Pam Ratliff.

Painting, china: first, Kellye Milburn; second, Ce Newton.

Painting, decorative: wood—first, Pam Ratliff.

Photography: black and white — first, Thelma Mills; second, Teresa Goggin; color — first, Teresa Goggin; second, Thelma Mills.

Quilts: hand pieced (hand quilted)—first, Charlotte Hammond; machine pieced (hand quilted) —first, Charlotte Hammond; machine pieced (machine quilted)—first, Lois Frondal; novelty (hand quilted)—first, Donna Moore; novelty (machine quilted)—first, Charlotte Hammond; second, Lois Frondal; third, Sue King; miscellaneous — first, Lois Frondal; second, Sue King.

Rug making: first, Joyce Zinner; second, Pam Ratliff.

Scrapbooking: family layout — first, Pam Ratliff. 

Wall or door hanging: fabric — first, Lois Frondal; second, Sue King; other — first, Mary Ann Sharp