Living history: Fred Gross

Published 12:29 pm Friday, February 23, 2018

Robin Hart/
Fred Gross speaks to a class at Boyle County Middle School Thursday morning and answers questions from the group.

Photos and text by Robin Hart/

Fred Gross, author of “One Step Ahead of Hitler: A Jewish Child’s Journey Through France,” spoke to students at Boyle County Middle School Thursday morning about his experience as a Jewish child fleeing the Nazis with his family during World War II. While describing his memories of WWII, Gross told the students his parents never gave up hope that they would be safe and the war would end. He said the students need to know the stories of the Jewish people and of the Jewish children during the war. He also encouraged the students to be strong and always stand up for those who need protection, “and have the kindness to help.”

Robin Hart/
Gross shares a photo of his older brother, Leo, teaching him to ride a two-wheel bicycle in 1941 in Niece, where the family lived after escaping the Nazis during WWII.

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