Parks and Rec board learns of vandalism, recognizes new member

Published 12:07 pm Friday, February 23, 2018

Vehicle-related vandalism on the night of Feb. 2 caused damages at Millennium Park, Danville-Boyle County Parks and Recreation Board members learned during Wednesday’s meeting.

“We’re dealing with it,” said Board Chair Roger Ross. “It’s hard to grow grass in the winter.”

Photos of the damage was given to the board members; it consisted of someone driving circles through three different grassy areas of the park when the ground was wet, causing large tire circles.

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Parks and Rec Director John Drake said, after the meeting, the damage was not done on the sports fields.

“The sports fields would cause major repairs,” he said, explaining that it’s more of a nuisance. It will be fixed in-house.

The vandalism is being investigated by police.

Another situation occurred involving a city contractor going into the grass, which he said is “not an issue,” because it’s being repaired.

“I wanted everyone to be aware of the two separate instances because they were on separate occasions,” Ross said.

But the case of vandalism, “it will be an issue — if we continue to have this type of thing, there’s not going to be any grass.”

In other business 

•The board Looked at the “priority list”, which is a list of recommendations to be presented at the next Parks and Rec Ad Hoc committee meeting. It includes softball lot repaving, a corporate shelter, shade areas, fencing at the volleyball pit, an adult challenge course and more.

• A plan was tabled that was proposed by Boyle Youth Soccer Association to bring in a food truck during their games, versus opening the concession stand. Ross said opening the stand had cost the department more money than it made. The proposal currently speaks of giving a portion of money to the soccer association.

• The newest member of the board, Jo Marie Lammy,was recognized. Lammy was appointed by the Boyle County Fiscal Court. One more vacancy remains, to be appointed by the Danville City Commission.

• The next Parks and Rec Board meeting will be 4:15 p.m. April 4.