Four good Democratic candidates for Kentucky’s Second District

Published 12:59 pm Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dear Editor,

Democrats in the Second Congressional District do not despair, we have four solid candidates competing for the privilege of running against Rep. Brett Guthrie in the November mid-terms. The Kentucky primary is May 22, 2018.

Indivisible Danville hosted a Democratic Candidate Forum that brought the four candidates together for the first time. All four candidates are unapologetically Democrat and are motivated by a deep love for this state and this country.  

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Questions ranged from climate change (all four believe the science) to abortion (all four believe in a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her health and her body) to health care (all four believe it is a right, not a privilege).

The four candidates are, in alphabetical order: Hank Linderman (Rough River); Brian Pedigo (Glasgow); Rane Sessions (Webster); and Grant Short (Owensboro).  

Please take some time to get to know these candidates and their stands on the issues of importance to you and to Kentucky. All four have Facebook pages and some have websites, just search their names and the links to their pages will be available. If possible, see them speak at events around the district. Those opportunities should be listed on their Facebook pages. Most importantly, get out and vote on May 22nd.

Whomever wins the May primary will need the energy and involvement of Kentucky’s 2nd District Democrats and Independents. There is little doubt that the Republicans will have more money to spend on their campaign than any of the Democrats. It is believed that Rep. Guthrie already has raised $2 million for his campaign and we are certain that if the race becomes competitive, dark money will pour in to the state.  We can counter that money with motivated volunteers on the ground (see Alabama).  

So, research the candidates, vote on May 22, and then be ready to donate your time, your money and your energy to challenge Rep. Guthrie in November. It is time to re-engage in the political process and take back Kentucky from big money and return it to serve the people.  

I am in, I hope you will join me!

Julie Pease