Future land use map reactions positive during public showing in Perryville

Published 11:47 am Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ann Derring and her daughter Angie poured over the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) of Perryville laid out on tables in the community center Thursday afternoon.

The two came to the open house to look at what the updates would do for the city; Ann Derring said they had property they planned to sell. She thought everything looked good on the updated map.

Kendra Peek/kendra.peek@amnews.com
Council member Brian Caldwell speaks with Angie Derring, center, and Ann Derring, right, about the proposed Future Land Use Map for Perryville.

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Other residents also had positive responses, as they filtered in and out for a few hours, to proposed changes to the future land use map (FLUM) for Perryville. 

Planning and Zoning Director Steve Hunter said the event was a good one.

“You never know what kind of turnout you’re going to get. All feedback was supportive of the revision,” he said. “The council seemed pleased; the mayor seemed happy.”

The proposed FLUM creates a pair of “mix use” categories that Hunter has said will allow more flexibility for property owners; as well as a special category for a piece of land that could be targeted for economic development.

Hunter said it was important to remember the updated maps don’t change zoning at all, but show what the plans are for future land use in Perryville. He said if someone wanted to apply for a zone change on their property, the FLUM would be consulted as part of that process.

Kendra Peek/kendra.peek@amnews.com
Linda Faulconer, left, Council member Jerry Houck, center, and Bill Faulconer, right, look at the Future Land Use Maps for Perryville.

The proposed map includes property lines, which the current map does not have.

“It looks a lot more user-friendly,” said Mike Graves, who lives in the area and owns property in Perryville. “They put a lot of thought into it. It sounds like this will simplify the zoning change process.”

Mattie Johnson said she was enjoying looking at the maps and all the streets in the city.

Hunter said that was another interesting aspect of it for him — getting a chance to learn more about Perryville.

“Planning and Zoning did a good job; Steve was diligent; work was great,” Mayor Anne Sleet said. “We want our city to be the best little city. We had a pretty good turnout.”

Kendra Peek/kendra.peek@amnews.com
A steady group flowed through the open house meeting to look at the Future Land Use Map in Perryville on Thursday.

Hunter said the next step is for Perryville City Council to review the FLUM and get an update on the open house at its meeting on Thursday.

“It’s a courtesy, ‘Here’s what’s going on,’” he said.

Following that, a formal presentation will be made to the Danville-Boyle County Planning and Zoning Commission in April. Boyle County’s comprehensive plan will have to be amended to include the updated FLUM for Perryville, along with new definitions of the different zones. Hunter said he doesn’t anticipate it being a problem.

Kendra Peek/kendra.peek@amnews.com
Perryville Fire Chief Anthony Young looks at the updated Future Land Use Map for Perryville.

In the coming months, Hunter said the zoning map for Perryville will also be reviewed. Through the FLUM process, Hunter said they saw there were some small issues with the zoning map.

“We’ve been working on that but haven’t got a draft back on that yet,” Hunter said. “It’s a work-in-process … There are a few little problems — most are specifically that there are several people’s properties that are split-zoned, part of it residential and part agricultural.”

That process will take a little longer; community members will have an opportunity to review proposed changes at a later date, he said.