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Published 10:51 am Monday, February 26, 2018

Woodrum’s journey through 4-H and FFA

By Micah Fowler


Landry Woodrum, Boyle County 4-H. The Kentucky State Extension Advisory Council meeting on February 28th, 2017 at the Embassy Suites in Lexington, Kentucky

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Sophomore Landry Woodrum comes from a family that has been involved in FFA and 4-H for seven generations. As the product of this tradition which seemingly runs in his veins, Woodrum has a

remarkable legacy to live up to, a legacy which he has embraced since he was young boy.

Thanks to his mother, Kim Ragland, Boyle County Extension Agent and 4-H director, Woodrum

has been attending 4-H camp since the age of five. At camp he discovered his passion for the values of the 4-H.

Woodrum explains, “4-H is the largest youth development organization in the world. Its goal is to

produce good leaders, good citizens, and good people.”

Eventually entering middle school, it seemed only natural that he should find his place among the

strong and well rooted FFA as well. “4-H and FFA have a shared agricultural heritage.”

During this time Woodrum achieved the position of vice president, but this was not his greatest accomplishment in FFA. “My biggest accomplishment is getting second place in the State Creed


“This is an event called the FFA Creed which embodies what the organization is about. It is really the only dramatic piece that FFA offers, and it is the only competition that freshmen can compete in. It’s all about delivery and sounding fiery when you give it.”

Both of Woodrum’s parents have had a strong influence on the direction that he has chosen. “My Dad grew up on a beef cattle farm, and that’s just what he wanted to do with his life. After some time spent time away in agribusiness, he slowly started working his way back, and then he just came back to the farm.”

“My mom grew up in LaRue County where she showed cattle her entire childhood. She worked

her way through college and got an agricultural degree, then went on to get a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition. Now she’s an extension agent which is really an agricultural position.”

The direction and support that Woodrum’s parents have supplied throughout his life has driven him to do the best that he can in both organizations. As he has in FFA, Woodrum has also accomplished

great feats in 4-H.

Woodrum tells a story from his freshman year. “My biggest accomplishment in 4-H was probably at a conference called CWF (Citizenship Washington Focus) in Washington D.C. There were five 

hundred people there, and the goal was to be the cream of the crop of every state in the country.”

“There was a mock election because this event coincided with the presidential inauguration in 2017. It learned all about the campaigning. Getting to go there, run, and eventually win that mock election would probably be my greatest achievement in 4-H.”

Woodrum is confident that 4H and FFA have helped him to hone important skills. “Communication in the form of interpersonal skills, public speaking, and leadership” are just a few of the skills which Landry attributes to his favorite organizations. He says, “4-H has helped me immensely. I have gone to innumerable leadership conferences with 4-H and more recently FFA that have trained me to be a better leader.”

Now is a very busy time period for Woodrum. In February, he was responsible for helping to plan

a district retreat for 4-H. Simultaneously, he prepared for a local communications contest with 4-H where he wrote and presented a speech about the unbalanced political representation between rural and urban communities. He will be speaking on the same topic in an upcoming FFA event in March.

Certainly this young man has a lot on his plate. His confidence and drive have allowed him to excel well beyond his early days in middle school FFA, and even further beyond his earliest years when he joined 4-H as an elementary school student. The prior six generations of Woodrum’s ancestors would be proud to have a hard-working and dedicated young man representing the family.

Four National Merit Scholar Finalists named

By Mia Kendrick

From left to right: Malik Allaham, Jackson King, Hannah Sharp, and Chance Naylor

Boyle County Seniors Malik Allahham, Jackson King, Hannah Sharp, and Chance Naylor have all been named as National Merit Scholar Finalists. Based on of their phenomenal Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) scores they earned in their junior year, these seniors were rewarded for their efforts by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

To become a finalist, these four individuals’ scores were compared to other students’ performances on the standardized test. Out of approximately 1.6 million students who take the PSAT/NMSQT their junior year, less than one percent are chosen to be a finalist.

For these four seniors, this honor comes with a high reward in the form of scholarship money for their future endeavors in college. Senior Jackson King reflects, “Whenever I went in to take the PSAT,  I wasn’t expecting it to be as essential for my life as it has turned out to be. This is going to pay for my college and it’s amazing.”

All of the finalists have expressed that this title will provide them with financial relief for college tuition, a burden that many high schoolers struggle with today. To these four students, being a National Merit Scholarship Finalist has given them more than a title, it has become a helping hand for their college careers. Congratulations to Malik Allahham, Jackson King, Hannah Sharp, and Chance Naylor for this esteemed award.

Ready for the next level

By Grace McDaniel

Photo courtesy of Boyle County Schools
Top row from left to right: Jackson Mesplay, Tristen Helton, Kaden Gervacio, Nick Walker, Mitchell Paycheck. Bottom row from left to right: Channing Baker, Kimmee Johnson, Chelsea Moore.

The Boyle County athletic department hosts three signing days spread throughout the school year. On Wednesday, February 7, Boyle hosted their second of the year which resulted in the largest signing event ever with nine student athletes and their families participating. Their excitement in their decision was obvious.

Channing Baker signed with Georgetown College to join the archery team. “I chose Georgetown College because of the atmosphere it gave me on my first visit. As I toured the campus, it made me feel like I was at home. It just fit in with what I was looking for,” says Baker.

Mitchell Paycheck signed with Georgetown College Track and Field.“I chose Georgetown because of the welcoming and family atmosphere.”

Kimmee Johnson signed with the Lindsey Wilson to play volleyball. “This college felt like the right fit for me, and it was great to be able to sign to my top college and continue my athletic career.”

Jackson Mesplay signed with the Lindsey Wilson and plans to play on the men’s tennis team. “I chose Lindsey Wilson because of the scholarship and the opportunity to play on an amazing team for an amazing program.”

Tristen Helton signed with the University of the Cumberlands to play baseball. “I chose to play baseball and continue my education at UC because I fell in love with their baseball facilities and campus and I thought it would be a pretty good fit for me.”

Chelsea Moore will continue her soccer career at Western Kentucky University. “I like that my coaches gave me a tour of the campus because it allowed us to connect on a more personal level and get to know each other.”

Kaden Gervacio committed to Centre College and plans to play on the football team in the fall. “I chose Centre because the football program reminded me of Boyle County and how it is like a brotherhood. No one at Centre gets an athletic scholarship to play football, so everyone plays the game like we do.”

Nick Walker signed with Morehead State University where he plans to continue his football career. “It seemed like a really great for for me. I really loved the campus and the teammates. I felt like it can prepare me well for my future and make me a better person.”

Photo contributed
Ryan McClelland signed with University of Pikeville.

Ryan McClelland signed with the University of Pikeville to continue his athletic career in football. “They’re a growing college with lots of positives coming including a new football stadium, and I really felt like they cared about me.”

Best wishes to these student athletes as they continue their academic and athletic careers in the fall!