Dubravcak honored for service

Published 10:47 am Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Danville City Commission honored Ed Dubravcak Monday night for 14 years of work for the city. Dubravcak, who retires this week, began working in parking enforcement for the Danville Police Department in 2004; continued working in parking enforcement when the Code Enforcement office took over that role; and has been working at city’s parking garage since 2007, according to Code Enforcement Director Bridgette Lester.

“We’ve always appreciated his thoughtful, steady approach to solving any problem, large or small,” Lester said. “He’s proved that it doesn’t take a loud voice to accomplish tremendous things.”

“I can say that I really enjoyed my time” working for Danville, Dubravcak said. “A lot of people think that being a parking officer is probably one of the nastiest jobs that you can do. Well, I’ll disagree with that. I’ve had opportunities to meet a lot of wonderful citizens here, a lot of wonderful visitors to the city.”

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“I’ve got to say that Ed’s done a heck of a job, because I’ve had the pleasure of paying for some parking tickets,” Mayor Mike Perros joked. “I didn’t take it personally. You did a nice job.”