HOD puts call out for volunteer help 

Published 8:26 am Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Heart of Danville is expanding the number of downtown events it’s hosting this year and volunteers are needed to help make them a success.

At the HOD meeting last week, executive director Nick Wade told the board they need to develop a volunteer training and retention program.

“Last year, we really struggled with our volunteer pool for our events,” Wade said. And since this year there are more and bigger events planned for downtown, for example the new monthly Main Street Live concert series, Wade said it’s important to really engage their volunteers and develop a retention program “so that we don’t loose them.”

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Board chair Logan Germann said, “There are a lot of people who care about downtown, but don’t have time to sit on this board or participate all of the time.”

But if they could help out for just two events during the year, “We’d love to have them and we need to have them,” Germann said.

He said volunteers are not only important for the HOD to put on successful events, they also can benefit personally by becoming more engaged with their town, and suggested that board members’ spouses, kids, parents and friends could volunteer. He said youth groups and schools groups are also welcome to volunteer and get involved, too.

Volunteers are needed for tasks such as serving popcorn during the lawn chair theater shows at Constitution Square, “and things of that nature,” Germann said.

People licensed to serve alcohol are needed at some of the HOD events, too, he said.

Board member Megan Noltemeyer said she recently talked with a new Danville resident about how difficult they thought it was to become a part of the Danville community sometimes. Noltemeyer thought inviting new residents to volunteer would be a way for them to easily become involved and learn more about the community and meet new people.

Noltemeyer said, “What a great opportunity to come and say, ‘Hey, we have all these great events. Would you like to help?'”

AnnYager McCrosky said young professionals could be encouraged to volunteer with the HOD’s events. She said not only would they feel connected to what’s happening in their town, “But we could get ideas of what they want to see,” McCrosky said.

Germann told the board, “If you know anybody who fits that bill, let us know. We won’t wear them out. We would love to have them engaged.”

Wade said he would love to see more Danville residents become involved with the HOD and help to increase the downtown’s vibrancy by volunteering.

If you don’t know what you can do, Wade said, “… don’t worry about that. Give us a call and we will plug you in.”

Heart of Danville Events for 2018

  • March 15: Main Street Live 
  • April 19: Main Street Live
  • April 21: Downtown Clean-Up & Lawn Chair Theater Movie Night
  • May 12: Lawn Chair Theater
  • May 17: Main Street Live 
  • June 9: Lawn Chair Theater
  • June 21: Main Street Live
  • July 14: Lawn Chair Theater
  • July 19: Main Street Live
  • July 28: Soul of 2nd St.
  • Aug. 11: Lawn Chair Theater
  • Aug. 16: Main Street Live
  • Sept. 15: Lawn Chair Theater – Date Night Edition
  • Sept. 20: Main Street Live
  • Sept. 22: Harvest Fest 
  • Oct. 13: Bourbon Chase 
  • Oct. 18: Main Street Live 


Anyone interested in volunteering for the Heart of Danville should email projects@downtowndanville.com or call (859) 236-2361.