Like herding cattle 

Published 8:58 am Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cows were bellowing and snorting Tuesday afternoon as they were corralled on Logan Spoonamore’s farm on Lancaster Road. Spoonamore, with the help of several men, had about 65 head of Angus cattle from his herd rounded and herded to the barn so that a veterinarian could give them routine vaccinations and treat for lice.

Gerald Downs watches over a few cattle in the corral while waiting to start herding them again toward the barn to be vaccinated by a veterinarian.

Hargus Gabbard urges a line of cows to keep moving through the chute.

Farm owner Logan Spoonamore gives directions to the guys who were herding the cattle.

A few faces of the Angus cattle are watching the excitement in the corral off of Lancaster Road.

Hargus Gabbard stares down a cow that is trying to leave the herd and waves his arms to make her go back with the others before shutting the gate.

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