Full texts of complaint against Danville school board, attorney’s response

Published 9:32 pm Friday, March 2, 2018

On Feb. 26, a group of 108 “concerned staff and citizens” delivered a seven-page letter of complaints to the Danville Board of Education, alleging open meetings violations and a violation of “public trust.”

On March 1, school board attorney Vince Pennington delivered a response to the letter, issued under the authority of board Chair Paige Matthews, treating theĀ group’s letterĀ as a filing of formal open meetings complaint. Pennington denied the board had violated the Open Meetings Act.

The two documents are made available here in their entirety.

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Complaint from ‘concerned staff and citizens’

Response to complaints from school board attorney

Editor’s note: At the request of both a signatory to the original complaint letter and school board attorney Pennington, four pages of Pennington’s response have been omitted listing the names of those who signed the complaint along with their addresses and email addresses.

The names of those who signed the complaint letter as identified in the distribution list of Pennington’s response are Martha Grimes, [illegible], Bill A. Grimes, Gail M. Wright, J.H. Atkins, Jeffrey C. Trueblood, David Davis, Jerrica Funkhouser, Janet Potts, Debra Wulf, Tanner Cox, Tish Lyons, Debbie Bottoms, John Bottoms, Patty Taylor, William Curtsinger, Henrietta Curtsinger, Kendra Grimes, Shari Crawford, A. Peyton Hunley, Jenna Goggin, Susan J. Donlon, Ron Ballard, Colin Masters, Ryan Funkhouser, Pete Grigsby, Clay Albright, Ben White, Elaine Wilson Reddy, Kyle Palmer, Melanie Wilson, Jessica Mcmullen, Chuck Stalled, Karen M. Tompkins, [illegible], Anna Simpson-Houston, Rachel Hicks, Sheri D. Satterly, Ellen Casey, Lisa Dreager, Jaymie Ross, Porsche Dunn, Tina Green, Carolyn Grubbs, Bethany Schulz, Canielle Taulbee, Brittney Groves, Amanda B. Addison, Susan Wheeler, Lyndsey Carpenter, Brooke Winderl, Jenny Clark, Robin W. Kelly, Terry Pitman, Eric Paycheck, Amanda Tornstrom, Wendy Campbell, Samantha Knight, Deborah Bayless, Sherry Bourne, Melanie Bowling, Sue M. Wilson, Vaughn Wilson, Barbara Lively, Courtney King, Mandy Brockman, Kayla Carmona, Marissa Blake, Tripp Wilson, Rhonda Caldwell, Rebecca Greer, Helen Blevins, Jamie Missbach, Markeeta Jones, Nicky King, Leo Labrillazo, Megan Albright, Sarah Berry, Cynthia Stone, Johnna Abney, Kristie Green, Antonia Ward, Dorthy Contini, Angelene Davis, Kelley Hammond, Brittany Ray, Mary Wells, Elaine Terry, Kayla Steber, Annette Bates, Connie Doughty, Caryn Fuqua, Sue Hubble, J. Brad King, Barbara Howe, Kent Mann, Kristi Ray, Andrea Craft, Teresa Shepperson, David McAfee, Lisa Murphy, Christel Belcher and Tina Wray.