EKU announces president’s list, dean’s list and dean’s award recipients 

Published 8:59 am Tuesday, March 6, 2018


News release

RICHMOND — Eastern Kentucky University has announced that 1,670 students earned president’s list honors for the Fall 2017 semester.

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The list includes:

• Boyle County —  Lloyd Bo McGuffey, Danville; Anita Carolyn Baskin, Danville; Cortney Brooke Enlow, Perryville; Tyler Wayne Ray, Danville; Rachael LeeAnn Maza-Gonzalez, Danville; Laura Jane Slone, Danville; Hannah Kaye Hardesty, Danville; Samantha Allen Spinks, Perryville; Ashley Yvonne Albano, Danville; Claire Elysse Crouch, Danville; Ashley Renee Dadisman, Danville; Heather Gayle Grizzell, Danville; Haley Nicole Lanham, Perryville; Haley Elizabeth Bates, Danville; Alexis Michelle Kerbaugh, Danville; Joshua Blake Pennington, Junction City; Rachel Katherine Gause-Coulter, Danville; Casey Payne Craiger, Danville; Mary Katherine Greene, Danville; Marlee Rae Smith, Danville; Shelby Anne Moore, Junction City; Brittany Nicole Cummins, Danville; Shelby Marie Hendix, Danville; Leann Nicole Gilpin, Junction City; Kylie Suzannah Thompson, Danville; Benjamin E. Lindsay, Junction City; Brooklyn Michelle Sims, Danville.

• Casey County —  Justice Montana Cundiff, Dunnville; Abby Makenna Cravens, Liberty; Shelby Ann Willoughby, Liberty; Jessica Erin King, Windsor; Rachael Leigh Corrone, Liberty; Jessalyn Rene Buis, Liberty.

• Garrard County — Angela Suzanne Gesner, Paint Lick; Jacqueline R. Adams, Lancaster; Kelsey Morgan Arnold, Lancaster; Lisa Marie Firmature, Lancaster; Brian Matthew Gesner, Paint Lick; Hannah Gayle Sparks, Lancaster; Logan MacRae Ellis, Lancaster; Leah Renee Harris, Lancaster; Robert Seth Brock, Paint Lick; Tyler Grayson Anderson, Lancaster; Elizabeth Brett Elleman, Lancaster; Randa Michelle Morris, Lancaster; Sarah Michelle Sparks, Lancaster; Shaker Saleh Ezaizat, Lancaster; Emily Catherine Carter Layton, Lancaster; Mason River Delili, Lancaster.

• Lincoln County — Rebecca Ann Works, Waynesburg; Kristie R. Collett, Crab Orchard; Courtney Layne Martin, Stanford; Savannah Nicole Martin, Stanford; Lindsay Morgan High, Stanford; Ashley Faye Frith, Stanford; Andrew Wayne Cooper, Stanford; Jacob Nathaniel Mason, Crab Orchard; Brittani Paige Taylor, Crab Orchard; Alaina Drew Mills, Hustonville; Amber McKinzie Sears, Stanford; Garrett Wayne Napier, Stanford; David Clark Bridgman, Stanford; Zachary Todd Salyers, Stanford; Hanna Elizabeth Owens, Crab Orchard; Courtney Nicole Noland, Stanford; Katie Annette Adams, Crab Orchard; Kayla Marie Dowell, Stanford; Kensey Logan Godbey, Stanford; Carly Elisabeth Walls, Waynesburg; Samuel Oaks Christopher, Hustonville; Christa Nichole Vera Hicks, Hustonville; Matthew Ruggless, Stanford; Ujeen Nam Reynolds, Stanford; Joshua Shaddox, Stanford.

• Mercer County — Bret D. VanWinkle, Harrodsburg; Hallie Denise Cannon, Harrodsburg; Madeline Marie Bartley, Harrodsburg; Cheyanna Louise McKenney, Harrodsburg; Cheyanne Nichole Brown, Harrodsburg; Hannah Breann Logue, Harrodsburg; Montana Timothy Schemanski, Harrodsburg; Ellie Truehart Begley, Harrodsburg; Hannah Rae Williams, Harrodsburg.

The President’s List was established by the University to recognize outstanding academic achievement. It is bestowed upon full-time undergraduate students who attain a perfect 4.0 grade point average for a semester.

Dean’s list 

 EKU announced that 3,661 students earned dean’s list honors for the Fall 2017 semester.

The list includes:

• Boyle County — Lloyd Bo McGuffey, Danville; Anita Carolyn Baskin, Danville; Cortney Brooke Enlow, Perryville; William Benjamin Carter, Danville; Tyler Wayne Ray, Danville; Esther Rugerio, Danville; Bryana Ellen Deatherage, Danville; Macklin Joshua Hamilton, Danville; Rachael LeeAnn Maza-Gonzalez, Danville; Maria C. Bristow, Danville; Paige Michelle Worthington, Perryville; Laura Jane Slone, Danville; Hannah Kaye Hardesty, Danville; Ashton T. Wells, Danville; Alexandria Elaine Payton, Danville; Bradley S. Slone, Danville; Samantha Allen Spinks, Perryville; Ashley Yvonne Albano, Danville; Claire Elysse Crouch, Danville; Phoebe Emma Kingsley, Danville; Deanna J. Rehberg, Danville; Ashley Renee Dadisman, Danville; Kaitlyn Rhiann Bryant, Danville; Heather Gayle Grizzell, Danville; Nolan Dean Spann, Danville; Haley Nicole Lanham, Perryville; Haley Elizabeth Bates, Danville; Brianna Lynn Adams, Danville; Alexis Michelle Kerbaugh, Danville; Erika Kathleen Sinkhorn, Junction City; Joshua Blake Pennington, Junction City; Rachel Katherine Gause-Coulter, Danville; Hannah Noel McWhorter, Danville; Haven Elizabeth Sutton, Danville; Caitlynn F.  Chumbley, Danville; Julie Faye Hadley, Danville; Casey Payne Craiger, Danville; Joshua Phillip Bishop, Danville; Olivia Elizabeth Stafford, Danville; Mary Katherine Greene, Danville; Marlee Rae Smith, Danville; Shelby Anne Moore, Junction City; Brittany Nicole  Cummins, Danville; Shelby Marie Hendrix, Danville; Leann Nicole Gilpin, Junction City; Kylie Suzannah Thompson, Danville;  Benjamin E. Lindsay, Junction City; Alexandra Grace Walker, Danville; Brooklyn Michelle Sims, Danville.

Casey County — Whitney Austin Lawhorn, Dunnville; Tyler Ray Pennington, Liberty; Jordan C. Lucas, Middleburg; Justice Montana Cundiff, Dunnville; Chelsey Brooke Lynn, Liberty; Abby Makenna Cravens, Liberty; Shelby Ann Willoughby, Liberty; Jessica Erin King, Windsor; Rachael Leigh Corrone, Liberty; Jessalyn Rene Buis, Liberty.

Garrard County — Angela Suzanne Gesner, Paint Lick; Jacqueline R. Adams, Lancaster; Kelsey Morgan Arnold, Lancaster; Lisa Marie Firmature, Lancaster; Hayden Michelle Westfall, Paint Lick; Brian Matthew Gesner, Paint Lick; Mersadies Ann Hasul, Lancaster; Makenna Rose Staggs, Lancaster; Michael Caleb Sandusky, Lancaster; Hannah Gayle Sparks, Lancaster; Logan MacRae Ellis, Lancaster; Rebecca Samantha Moyer, Lancaster; Leah Renee Harris, Lancaster; Robert Seth Brock, Paint Lick; Cory T. Wallace, Paint Lick; Hannah Michelle Contini, Lancaster; Tyler Grayson Anderson, Lancaster; Elizabeth Brett Elleman, Lancaster; Randa Michelle Morris, Lancaster; Sarah Michelle Sparks, Lancaster; Shaker Saleh Ezaizat, Lancaster; Emily Catherine Carter Layton, Lancaster; Brooke Lael Tompkins, Lancaster; Kyle Jacob Best, Lancaster; Mason River Delili, Lancaster; Jaydan Kennedy Norris, Lancaster; Cherish Christian Simpson, Paint Lick; Hanna Marie Caudill, Lancaster; Brandon Michael Dotson, Lancaster; Mendy Poynter, Lancaster.

Lincoln County — Rebecca Anne Works, Waynesburg; Kristie R. Collett, Crab Orchard; John Rastie Ryan, Crab Orchard; Courtney Layne Martin, Stanford; Destiny Le’Joi Routt, Stanford; Savannah Nicole Martin, Stanford; Kourtney Blake Belcher, Hustonville; Lindsay Morgan High, Stanford; Joshua Nicholas Tolar, Stanford; Ashley Faye Frith, Stanford; Andrew Wayne Cooper, Stanford; Jacob Nathaniel Mason, Crab Orchard; Brittani Paige Taylor, Crab Orchard; Jerica Elaine Nanik, Stanford; Alaina Drew Mills, Hustonville; Amber Mckinzie Sears, Stanford; Sara Ashley Adington, Kings Mountain; Garrett Wayne Napier, Stanford; Brittany Lynn Simpson, Crab Orchard; David Clark Bridgman, Stanford; Jessie Katelyn McGuffey, Hustonville; Kalinda Cheyenne Morgan, Crab Orchard; Kaitlyn Makenzie Lane, Stanford; Zachary Todd Salyers, Stanford; Hannah Dora Smallwood, Stanford; Hanna Elizabeth Owens, Crab Orchard; Leah Renee Maddox, Crab Orchard; Courtney Nicole Noland, Stanford; Katie Annette Adams, Crab Orchard; Kayla Marie Dowell, Stanford; Kensey Logan Godbey, Stanford; Katlynn MacKenzy VanHoose, Stanford; Carly Elisabeth Walls, Waynesburg; Ainsleigh Paige Brown, Hustonville; Samuel Oaks Christopher, Hustonville; Haylee Page Floyd, Waynesburg; Christa Nichole Vera Hicks, Hustonville; William Blake Ison, Stanford; Morgan Nicole Saylor, Kings Mountain; Matthew Ruggless, Stanford; Ujeen Nam Reynolds, Stanford; Joshua Shaddox. Stanford.

Mercer County — Amy Jo Louise Vera, Harrodsburg; Bret D. VanWinkle, Harrodsburg; Hallie Denise Cannon, Harrodsburg; Autumn LeAmber Brown, Harrodsburg; Madeline Marie Bartley, Harrodsburg; Cheyanna Louise McKenney, Harrodsburg; Cheyanne Nichole Brown, Harrodsburg; Hannah Breann Logue, Harrodsburg; Savannah Renee Gagnon, Harrodsburg; Madison Taylor Phillips, Harrodsburg; Grant Harris Willmott, Harrodsburg; Elizabeth Anne Russell, Harrodsburg; Samantha Nicole Layne, Harrodsburg; Jenna Brooke Connelly, Salvisa; Madison Grace Harned, Harrodsburg; Montana Timothy Schemanski, Harrodsburg; Lucas Cole Powell, Salvisa; Dakota David Schemanski, Harrodsburg; Lauren E. Goodlett, Salvisa; Blake Austin Quinton, Harrodsburg; Taylor Mechelle Shepherd, Harrodsburg; Courtney L. Griffieth, Harrodsburg; Chase Thomas Moore, Harrodsburg; Raegan Marie Freeman, Harrodsburg; Ellie Truehart Begley, Harrodsburg; Brian Keith Morrison, Harrodsburg; Connor Gregory Souder, Harrodsburg; Alexis Marie Claunch, Harrodsburg; Lexi Diana Darland, Harrodsburg; Carson Drury Barnett, Harrodsburg; Victoria Nichole Long, Harrodsburg; Hannah Rae Williams, Harrodsburg; Allison Rachel Harlow, Harrodsburg.

To achieve Dean’s List honors at Eastern, students attempting 14 or more credit hours must earn a 3.5 grade point average out of a possible 4.0. Students attempting 13 credit hours must earn a 3.65 GPA, and students attempting 12 credit hours must earn a 3.75 GPA.

Dean’s award recipients 

EKU announced 710 Dean’s Award recipients for the Fall 2017 semester.

Award recipients include:

• Boyle County — Paige Michelle Worthington, Perryville; Phoebe Emma Kingsley, Danville; Haley Elizabeth Bates, Danville; Brianna Lynn Adams, Danville; Erika Kathleen Sinkhorn, Junction City; Rachel Katherine Gause-Coulter, Danville; Hannah Noel McWhorter, Danville; Mary Katherine Greene, Danville.

Casey County — Chelsey Brooke Lynn, Liberty; Abby Makenna Cravens, Liberty; Jessica Erin King, Windsor; Rachael Leigh Corrone, Liberty.

Garrard County — Kelsey Morgan Arnold, Lancaster; Logan MacRae Ellis, Lancaster; Robert Seth Brock, Paint Lick; Elizabeth Brett Elleman, Lancaster; Randa Michelle Morris, Lancaster; Sarah Michelle Sparks, Lancaster; Emily Catherine C. Layton, Lancaster; Kyle Jacob Best, Lancaster.

Lincoln County — Rebecca Anne Works, Waynesburg; Kristie R. Collett, Crab Orchard; Destiny Le’Joi Routt, Stanford; Savannah Nicole Martin, Stanford; Brittani Paige Taylor, Crab Orchard; David Clark Bridgman, Stanford; Jessie Katelyn McGuffey, Hustonville; Kaitlyn Makenzie Lane, Stanford; Hanna Elizabeth Owens, Crab Orchard; Leah Renee Maddox, Crab Orchard; Katie Annette Adams, Crab Orchard; Carly Elisabeth Walls, Waynesburg; Matthew Ruggless, Stanford.

Mercer County — Madison Grace Harned, Harrodsburg; Dakota David Schemanski, Harrodsburg; Lauren E. Goodlett, Salvisa.

To earn the Dean’s Award, students must achieve Dean’s List honors at EKU for three semesters, not necessarily consecutive. A lapel pin is presented to students by the dean of their academic college.

To achieve Dean’s List honors at Eastern, students attempting 14 or more credit hours must earn a 3.5 grade point average out of a possible 4.0. Students attempting 13 credit hours must earn a 3.65 GPA, and students attempting 12 credit hours must earn a 3.75 GPA.

Eastern Kentucky University is a comprehensive university serving approximately 17,000 students on its Richmond campus, at its educational centers in Corbin, Danville, Manchester and Hazard, and throughout Kentucky.