Flavors of the world

Published 8:36 am Tuesday, March 20, 2018

You know it’s going to be a evening stuffed with delectable foods from around the world when your place setting has three plates stacked in front of you. At the Danville Rotary Club’s eighth annual International Dinner Saturday evening local “chefs” prepared and served foods from 19 countries to their diners. There were also lots of sweets and a variety of international coffees available. White tablecloths covered serving tables set under each of the 19 country’s flags that were represented at the affair. Countries arranged in alphabetical order lined two walls at Centre College’s Chowan and spanned from America to Tanzania. Following the invocation, hungry patrons took at least one of their plates and were able to try cuisine from any country. Some people had favorites they stayed with. Others enjoyed using all three plates, or more, sampling new flavors from each and every country. By the end of the evening, no one left hungry — well, perhaps hungry to travel around the world.

Barbara Hall holds a Chinese flag as she walks to the space where she was serving Dry-cooked string beans.

Local “chefs” get ready to serve their specialty dishes to diners at the Danville Rotary Club’s eighth annual International Diner Saturday night.

Flags from some of the countries represented hand over each serving table.

Lori Price, who cooked with Jerry Houck, dressed in a colorful outfit representing Cuba. They prepared Mojo chicken, Cuban rice and rum cake.

On the night of the Rotary Club’s International Diner, Stephanie Leon talks with Truemon Barger who dressed in green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

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