Area rape crisis center rebrands, offers upcoming open house 

Published 2:40 pm Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, which serves 17 counties and has a location in Danville, has gone through a rebranding approach in order to make sure everyone knows exactly what they do. Effective today, the center will be called Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center of the Bluegrass. 

Next month, the Danville center will have an open house in order to fully explain what it offers here locally. 

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Heather Darby, marketing director, said the rebranding came about as a clarification. 

“Because of our name, ‘The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center,’ many people think it’s clear what we do, but it actually missed the mark,” she said. They decided to change it in order to be more reflective of the actual services they offer. 

“We wanted something more inclusive … to shift our focus to look at sexual violence as a whole …” 

Many people thought they couldn’t take advantage of services because they may not consider themselves as part of the Bluegrass, she said. Or they may not think they are a survivor of rape, or that they are currently in crisis. 

“We provide a lot of services other than direct client services,” Darby said, such as education and prevention for middle- and high-schoolers, and professional trainings for law enforcement. 

The centers work with other agencies whose clients may be survivors of sexual trauma, as well, and also provide group therapy services. 

The open house in April, inviting the public into the Danville center, is not only being held just to let the community know it’s here, but to explain what is available free of charge for everyone in Danville. 

The “Ampersand” came about because of a brainstorming session. According to a release from the Lexington office, organizers attempted to clarify what their mission is.

“We came up with so many answers…it was almost overwhelming. How do we build a brand that says that we support survivors & educate the community & fight systems of oppression & collaborate & have hard conversations & remind folks of their strength & act as an advocate & organize stakeholders &….the list went on and on. How do we demonstrate that we do all of this, in all of our counties, to all types of people?”

The center was founded by community members who “saw a gap in services for those affected by sexual violence in Kentucky.” It’s expanded to not only include prevention education and therapy, but advocacy, community engagement events and individual/group therapy sessions. 

The center chose April for the launching the new name and open houses because it’s Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention month. 

Please visit for any questions regarding the rebrand or SAAPM.


Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center of the Bluegrass will hold an open house 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. April 5 at 650 High St. in Danville; drop-ins are welcome through 5 p.m. Refreshments will be provided, as well as a tour and an overview of services the center offers.