EDP partners should consider benefits of museums

Published 2:28 pm Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dear Editor,

I am prompted by Stuart Sanders’ piece of March 15 on small-town museums’ contributions to local economies.

There is probably no small town west of the Allegheny Mountains with any more history than Danville.

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He credits sources concerning museums as generating GDP, tourism draw and spending, job creation, saving individual households tax money, drawing local residents and visitors to the downtown area, and recognizing the tremendous impacts of those who came before us have made on our lives today.

These benefits may be worthy of consideration by the EDP agencies such as tourism and the Heart of Danville, and local governments, all of which are supported by local tax revenues.

I am a fourth-generation Danvillian of 80-some odd years. There is a lot of history that I do not know and wish that I had asked those who had lived it. We learn from history, both good and bad, and it is our duty to pass it on in order to make Danville the best.

Hugh Coomer